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L V T N 8 8 [A T] H O T M A I L [D O T] C O M

 - FORLORN WINDS "Signal of Gjall" MC -


-ACTUM INFERNI "Kres Panowania Eny Ludzi" mc

-AESIR "El Llamando De Nuestra Sangre" mc

-CAEDES CRUENTA “Skies Daimonon” mc

-HATEFUL "Keys to Immortality" mc

-HELHEIM “Terrorveldet” mc

-FORLORN WINDS “Signal of Gjall” promo-mc

-JUDAS ISCARIOT “Of Great Eternity” mc


-SORT VOKTER “Folkloric Necro Metal” mc

-THOR’S HAMMER “The Fate Worse Than Death” mc

-WANGELEN “El Camino Pagano” mc

-WINTERDEMONS “The Darkest Storm” mc

-WINTERGEWITTER “Operation Wintergewitter” mc

All mc’s distributed by VOTHAN666 DISTRIBUTION are official and have come directly from labels and/or bands. No unofficial dubs, or bootlegged shit here. Fuck off to cds, mp3s, gayspace trends, only analogue is real.


359 "Denied Virginity of Mary" MC:
Debut demo of Goatsignal member. Raw black metal from Finland, limited

to 160 copies. Wolfsvuur--------------------------------------------5USD

88 "Path of Black Sun" MC:
Radikal NSBM from Bulgaria, raw limited to 88 hand numbered copies. Winter Solace-------------------------------------------------------5USD

88 "Rehearsal #2" DEMO:
Radikal NSBM from Bulgaria, a nice rehearsal sound. War Kommand ----5USD

88 "Rehearsal #3" DEMO:
Extreme Bulgarian NSBM with a digusting rehearsal sound. War Kommand------------------------------------------------------------------------5USD

88 "Total Genocide" MC:
Recent material from Bulgaria's radikal NSBM band. Krieg Distro-----5USD

88 "Aryan March" MC:
Latest demo Bulgaria's radikal NSBM, limited to 88 handnumbered copies. Darkness Shade Records----------------------------------------------5USD
88/SEGES FINDERE "United by White Terror Propaganda" split MC:
A union of Brazilian and Bulgarian NS black metal against the zog machine. Croquemort Productions-------------------------------------5USD

88/VIA DOLOROSA "Sol Invictus" split MC:
Split releases with Italian NSBM act, both contributing 3 tracks from various releases. War Kommando--------------------------------------5USD



Anglo-German collaboration band playing NSBM in the vein of old ABSURD, debut demo limited to 288 copies.  Werewolf Promotion----------------------------------­---------5USD


ABGENEIGT “Demo II: White Flame” MC: 

Second demo of the Anglo-German collaboration project for fans of old ABSURD, WOLFNACHT.  Limited to 288 hand-numbered copies.  Werewolf Promotion-----------------------------5USD


ABIGOR "Verwustung/Invoke the Dark Age" MC:
First full length album by this legendary Austrian black metal cult. Old school black metal with a hint of Rotting Christ feel to it. Division Nordwolf------------------------------------------------------------5USD

ABIGOR "Orkblut-The Retaliation" MC:
a more conceptual album explaining the story of a warrior who remembers his pagan origins from the day he rises, until his death and the severance of flesh and spirit. Division Nordwolf--------------------5USD

ABIGOR "Nachthymnen (From the Twilight Kingdom)" MC:
95' full length adding variation to their perfected Austrian style. Atmospheric with the use of keyboards and some female vocals, but more crushing than the first two albums. Division Nordwolf---------------5USD

Forth official opus, even rawer material with haunting tones and blazing blastbeats. The album has been split into two parts from different time periods. well executed, highly recommended. Division Nordwolf-------5USD


ABSURD "Totenlieder" MC:
A band that needs no introduction, official pro tape version of this third full-length. Eastside-----------------------------------------6USD

ABSURD “Tribute to the Tyrants of German Black Metal" MC:
A tribute to the Tyrants of German Black Metal by Leichenzug, Abolition, HKZ, Menneskerhat, T.H.O.R.,Totenberg, Wolfnacht, and others. A total of 19 tracks done quite well. Donnerschalag Propaganda-----------------5USD

Pagan Black metal from Poland, similar vein as Venedae. Strigoi-----5USD

ABYSSIC HATE "Suicidal Emotions" MC:
The first full-length by this suicidal/depressive black metal band. Strictly limited on pro tape/cover----------------------------------6USD

ABYSSIC HATE "Suicidal Emotions" MC:
first full-length, suicidal/depressive black metal. version by Nightbirds----------------------------------------------------------5USD

ABYSSIC HATE "A Decade of Hate" MC:
A compilation of tracks from 'Cleansing of an Ancient Race' demo and their Mcd. Nightbirds-----------------------------------------------5USD


ACHERONTAS “Tat Tvam Asi (Universal Ominscience)” MC:

Debut full-length from the mastermind of Stutthof comes a new project in the vein of Legion of Doom, Stuffhof.  Night Birds Records---------------------------------------5USD


ACTUM INFERNI “Kres Panowania Eny Ludzi” MC:

Raw Black Metal from Poland featuring members of Leichengott.  Limited to 333 copies Werewolf Promotion-------------------------------------------------------------------5USD


Russian NSBM with the Wewelsberg member. Othal/Terrorwolfe Productions----------------------------------------------------------------------5USD


AESIR “EL Llamando De Nuestra Sangre” MC:

2010 Compilation of material from previous albums, NS Black Metal from Argentina limited to 288 copies on Werewolf Promotion.-------------------------------------------------5USD


AETHERES “Dark Wisdom’s Domain” MC:

Second full-length, majestic Pagan/Black Metal from Poland with members of Gontyna Kry and Lechia. Werewolf Promotions----------------------5USD

AGARTHIA “Between Eigolophian Mountains” MC:
An obscure Greek NS Black Metal project including a member of Ravenbanner. Their only existing demo with a raw production layered with some keyboards and snare assaults. Avalon --------------------------5USD

ANCESTORS BLOOD "Preparing for War" MC:
Third demo, cold Pagan black metal hailing from Finland. Stellar Winter---------------------------------------------------------------------5USD


ANCESTORS BLOOD/HUNOK “Vágyakozás / Lalli” Split MC:

Pagan Black Metal from Finland and Pagan ambient from Hungary both offering two tracks. Comes with a nice double-sided glossy cover. Tanhu---------------------------------------------------------------------5USD

APHOOM ZHAH "Eternal Pain" MC:
Raw Black metal band from Belarus, in the old school vein. Possession Productions---------------------------------------------------------5USD

ARCKANUM "The 11 year anniversary..." MC:
celebrating the existence of 11yrs with a collection of rare tracks throughout the years.-----------------------------------------------5USD


ARCHANDRJA “Zimowy Brzask Zwyciestwa” MC:

Their first full-length after a couple of demos. Pagan Black Metal with members of the well known Polish scene. Hell is Here----------------5USD

ARKONA "Imperium" MC:
Monumental masterpiece of thier debut album, haunting keyboards with a raw atmosphere. Reissued once again on tape with different artwork. Nightbirds----------------------------------------------------------5USD

ARKONA "Konstelacja Lodu" MC:
One of the oldest lasting Polish Black metal bands, truly an epic release. Hell is Here.----------------------------------------------5USD

ARKONA "Bogowie Zapomnienia" MC:
Material is rawer and faster, but still holds onto Polish black metal traditions. Hell is Here.-------------------------------------------5USD

ARKONA "Nocturnal Arkonian Hordes" MC:
Nocturnal Arkonian Hordes strike back with another majestic release. Has elements of both "Bogowie..." and "Konstelacja.." Hell is Here.-----5USD

ARKONA "Zeta Reticuli: A Tale About Hatred And Total Enslavement" MC:
Original mc featuring the first four songs. Polish pagan black metal, pro-cover. Pussy God.-----------------------------------------------5USD

ARKONA/MOONTOWER "W Szponach Wojennej Bestii" split MC:

A split release by two of the most well-known underground black metal bands from Poland. Werewolf Promotions/Hell is Here-----------------5USD


ARKONA “Raw Years 1993-95” MC:

A compilation of various tracks from the early years, session tracks and rehearsals. excellent release Hell is Here--------------------------5USD


ARKONA “Wszechzlodowacenie” MC:

Compilation of tracks from their splits with Besatt/Thirst, Moontower, and Szron including a rare cover of Honor’s Triumf Nowej Ery. Hell is Here----------------------------------------------------------------5USD

ARKONA/WEWELSBURG "Last Bastion Of The North" split MC:
A split release by the Russian NS ARKONA and industrial/black WEWELSBURG. Othal---------------------------------------------------5USD

ARVET "Elävän Kuoleman Aamuna" MC:
a new Finnish act, raw and cold midpaced BM in the vein of Horna, Baptism. on Grievantee----------------------------------------------5USD

ARYAN ART "View in the Past to the Glory of Ancient Bulgaria" MC:
Impressive Bulgarian NSBM epic and chilling with burzum-like vocals. Donnerschlag--------------------------------------------------------5USD


ARYAN ART “...И Берем Плодовете На Нашето Неха” MC:

Latest full-length material cold epic NSBM from Bulgaria highly recommended. Limited to 500 copies. Werewolf Promotions-------------5USD

ARYAN ART/FUROR "Return to the Battlefield" split MC:
mesmorizing NSBM from Bulgaria, and crushing epic black metal from Argentina. Algiz Art------------------------------------------------5USD

ARYAN BLOOD "To Build an Empire" MC:
Latest release from this German NS black metal cult. Tanhu----------5USD

ARYAN KAMPF 88 "Mein Kampf" MC:
Radikal NS Black Metal from Belgium, a compilation of tracks from their demos, limited to 300 handnumbered copies. Krieg Distro.------------5USD

NS black metal core soundtrack for war! featuring Knjaz Varggoth / Nokturnal Mortum. White Records-------------------------------------5USD


ARYAN TRIUMPH “Forging an Iron Will” MC:

NS Black Metal from Slovakia a release compiling all recordings from this bands career, raw black metal with sinister vocals. Highly recommended. Limited to 500 copies AMF/Werewolf Promotions----------5USD

ASKE "Saatan Legio/Goatfuck" MC:
Pure Satan worshipping black metal, from Finland. Aske plays old-school nordic, raw and dedicated black metal. This tape compiles 2 of their demo's, 'Saatan Legio' and 'Goatfuck’ Wolfsvuur --------------------5USD

ASTROFAES "Dying Emotions Domain" MC:
After several demos, comes their first full length album. Raw Ukrainian black metal featuring Drudkh/Hate Forest members--------------------5USD

ASTROFAES "Ancestors' Shadows" MC:
Third full length, Pagan black metal with members of Drudkh, Hate Forest. Ancient Nation----------------------------------------------5USD

ASTROFAES "Those Whose Past is Immortal" MC:
their most recent full length. Features Drudkh and Hate forest members, playing pagan BM originally released by Supernal. Stuza Productions-5USD

AVENGER "Fall of Devotion, Wrath and Blasphemy" MC:
Finally this classic album from this Czech kult. released honourably on MC, pro cover print.------------------------------------------------5USD

AVERSE SEFIRA "Battle's Clarion" MC:
Second full length album, blazing mythological black metal with ferocious vocals. Limted to 200 copies with a bonus live track, pro cover tape stickers. Orthodox666------------------------------------5USD


BELETH/SHINING ABYSS "Sacrifice for Black Metal" Split MC:
Split release of two Polish Black metal cults, with members of Besatt and Bustum a nice rehearsal sound to each. Comes with tape stickers, and a nice layout. Total War--------------------------------------------5USD

BESATT "Hellstorm" MC:
Third full-length album by this Polish black metal band. Hammer of Damnation---------5USD


BESATT “Hail Lucifer” MC:

Second Full-length, Polish Black Metal with member of Mystes. Hammer of Damnation—---5USD

BESTIAL SUMMONING "Sodomistic Rituals" MC:
Cult debut demo from 92' re-released on tape featuring all songs and a new layout. STI Productions-----------------------------------------5USD


BESTIAL SUMMONING/HERETIC "Splitting Skulls for Satan" MC:
Split release with old school black metallars from the Netherlands. limited to 200 copies, with a reversable cover. STI Productions-----5USD

BILSKIRNIR "Ahnenerbe" MC:
The 2004 Ep following up the second full length album.--------------5USD

BILSKIRNIR "In the Flames of Purification" MC:
NS primative pagan black metal, pro cover. Tanhu Records------------5USD

BIRKENMOOR "Schattenbachtalï" MC:
Mystical Black Metal, inspired of the woods of homeland and the art of Tolkien. A wandering on black passes into the deep moors. Nebelhain Kunstchmiede--------------------------------------------------------5USD

BLACK ALTAR "Death Fanaticism" MC:
Crushing satanik black metal from Poland, fierce drumming and raw atmosphere. Nightbirds----------------------------------------------5USD

BLACK BLESSING "Black Metal Propaganda" MC:
Inspired by the French cult bands Vlad Tepes and Torgeist, this demo will keep your ears bleeding while you perform rituals in the name of Satan! This is not mere black metal, this is Black Metal Propaganda!

BLACK HOWLING "Alma...uma Floresta de Dor" MC:
Originally released on cd by Winterriech, now on mc slow suicidal black metal all in one 40min. track. Northern Sky Productions-------------5USD

some fucked up dark ritual ambient which is sutible to be a soundtrack to a horror film. Ravenheart----------------------------------------5USD


BLEAK SOLITUDE “Into the Heart of what never was” DEMO:

Black Metal from Australia, compiling the material from the first two demos. Teutonic Satan-----------------------------------------------5USD


BLEAK SOLITUDE “Seven Dulcet Doses of Voiceless Nothingness” DEMO:

Yet another compilation of recent reh. Demos. Teutonic Satan--------5USD


BLODFEST "Krakes Krigeres Kampgejst" MC:
Heathen black metal from Denmark, originally released by the band in 2006; avalible on tape. Nightbirds----------------------------------5USD

BLODFEST "Krakes Blod" MC:
First full-length album from this Denmark band. heathen black metal Nightbirds-------5USD


BLODTRU “A Brighter Sun” MC:

Black Metal hailing from Denmark, ex-member of Manegarm on his second full-length.  Wnter Solace-------------------------------------------------------------------------------5USD

BLOOD OF KINGU "De Occulta Philosophia" MC:
Debut full length album inspired by ancient Sumerian, Egyptian and Indo-Aryan mythology/history. A side project of Drudkh/Hate Forest member. Werewolf Promotions-------------------------------------------------5USD

Satan worshipping black metal, from Finland. 4 tracks that will leave you speechless in a trance. Highly recommended. Limited to 300 copies. Drakkar-------------------------------------------------------------5USD

BLOODSTAINED DUSK "Continuance of Evil" MC:
Symphonic black metal from the States, limited to 666. Propaganda---5USD

BLUTNACHT "Forets Sicambres" MC:
NS Black Metal hailing from Belgium, their first full-length after a couple of demos. A nice touch of folk and black metal sure to please fans of Graveland. Winter Solace---5USD


BLUTSCHREI "The Voice of Forbidden Pride" MC:
A side project with members of Horna and Sombre Chemin. Folk black metal. Hammerbund---------------------------------------------------5USD


BLUT UND BODEN “Waiting for Death” DEMO:

NS black metal from the UK, their third demo with a raw doomy approach. Xeroxed cover. Teutonic Satan---------------------------------------5USD

BRANIKALD "Stormheit" MC:
94' demo BBH act, nothing more to be said. Stellar Winter-----------5USD

Their 95' demo BBH, dissonant black metal that wont disapoint. Stellar Winter--------------------------------------------------------------5USD

BRANIKALD "Rusmjod Av Misantropie" MC:
One of the greater known releases from this band. BBH black metal, so you know what to expect. Frostscald Records-------------------------5USD

BRANIKALD "Blikk Av Kald" MC:
One of the lesser known full-lengths. Recorded in 1999 and finally given a proper pro cover tape release. Frostscald Records-----------------5USD

BRANSTOCK "Ohne Opfer Keinen Sieg" MC:
Pagan black metal, a reissued version of the Vorstellungstonband 2001 ayps demo, with different layout, includes two Absurd covers. Teutonic Satan---------------------------------------------------------------5USD

BUSTUM "Voices from the Past 1994-1995" MC:
Old school Polish black metal, a compilation of demos/rehearsal tracks. Pro cover and tape limited to 250 copies. Under the Sign of Garazel-5USD


CAED DHU "By tych, co nami..." MC:
Polish black metal, thier first full-length cleaner sound than demo. Werewolf promotions-------------------------------------------------5USD


CAEDES CRUENTA “Skies Daimonon” MC:

Black Metal from Greece, their first full-length re-released on tape limited to 300 copies.  Night Birds Records-------------------------------------------------------5USD


CARCHAROTH "My Father was a Wolf" MC:
Pagan black metal from Spain. Battle Hymn Records-------------------5USD


CARUOS “Brista” MC:

Pagan Black Metal from France, debut 2010 demo limited to 200 copies on Werewolf Promotion---------------------------------------------------------------------------5USD


CASKET LAIR “Ancient Curse” MC:

Satanic occult Black Metal from Finland, cut and paste xeroxed cover. Teutonic Satan------------------------------------------------------5USD


CELESTIA "Frigidiis Apotheosia : Abstinencia Genesiis" MC:
Celestia has come along way, earned their reputation for their sorrowful black metal style. They return with a much anticipated full length in a new era of sophisticated piece of artwork. Also featuring Malefic of the Xasthur fame. Paragon/Apparitia -----5USD


CELTIC DANCE “Regressus Ad Uterum” MC:

Black Metal from Portugal, their soon to be classic 2003 demo re-released by Hammerbund.  Highly recommended-------------------------------------------------------------------5USD


CERNUNNOS "Trollfjord" MC:
Ambient/fantasy keyboard work hailing from Greece. A side project by Wolfnacht member. Chanteloup----------------------------------------5USD


First full length, raw black metal from France comes Pro tape/cover. The Way of Force/Offerning Rec------------------------------------------5USD

Misanthropic black metal raw lo-fi production. Teutonic Satan-------5USD


CHUR/OPRICH "Z Moroku/Ognecvet" split MC:
Slavic and Russian folk metal, reminding me of older Temnozor and later Nokturnal Mortum. Recommended. Werewolf Promotions------------------5USD


Cold black metal from the States and Death/black metal featuring members of CNV. North Cabin-------------------------------------------------5USD

COMMAND "Sturmangriff" MC:
Brazilian NSBM strikes with their first official fulllength album which also includes the material from their 'Kulturkampf' demo in 99' total Absurd worship. highly recommended. Gates to Valhalla---------------5USD

CORPUS CHRISTI "The Torment Continues" MC:
Satanikkk black metal from Portugal, their 5th fullength with a defined cleaner sound akin to the recent orthodox style. Propaganda---------5USD


CRIPTA OCCULTA “Rios Que Correram…Rios Que Sacaram” MC:

2010 full-length album, Black Metal from Portugal released on AMF/Titan Woods-----5USD


A split cassette tape release of a fairly new black metal act from Poland, featuring members of Gontyna Kry and Hatenwar. Styggmr from Norway, playing old school satanic black metal. Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies on pro tape/cover. Czerni Blask Productions---------5USD


A new Satanic Finnish black metal horde; one-man project of Vorr (Winter War, Persekution). Midpaced misanthropic black metal, with a harsh but clear production, 3 tracks of filth and darkness. Wolfsvuur---------5USD


DARK AGES "Twilight of Europe" MC:
Debut full length, project from Drudkh/Hate Forest member exploring dark ambient. Werewolf Promotions----------------------------------------5USD

DARK AGES "A Chronicle of the Plague" MC:
Second full length, Dark ambient with European medieval history. Werewolf Promotions-------------------------------------------------5USD

DARK FURY "Turning into Ashes" MC:
legendary demo, recorded in Isengard Studio. Raw fucking Polish black metal with an ugly sound.-------------------------------------------5USD

DARK FURY "Fortress of Eagles" MC:
Fourth full length from Poland NSBM act, still aggressive as before. Werewolf Promotions--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5USD


DARK FURY “The Price of Treason” MC:

Latest full-length of Poland’s NSBM elite, you know what to expect here. Limited to 500 hand numbered copies. Werewolf Promotions--------------------------------------------5USD


DARK FURY “Saligia” MC:

2010 full-length album from the Polish Deathmachine.  The names of the songs refers to the Seven deadly sins.  Limited to 320 hand-numbered copies on Werewolf Promotion----5USD

DARKTHULE "Summon Thee To Awake The Ancient Past" MC:
A compilation tape with the first two demos, with a Darkthrone cover. nice layout. Autodafe-----------------------------------------------5USD

DARKTHULE "Beyond the Endless Horizons" MC:
First full length raw NS Black metal from Greece in the vein of Darkthrone. Gates to Valhalla Records-------------------------------5USD


DARKTHULE “Wolforder” MC:

NSBM from Hellas, their second full-length album in the vein of old Darkthrone.  Werewolf Promotion----------------------------------------------------------------------------5USD


DARKTHULE/MASSENVERICHTUNG “Magna Europa Est Patria Nostra” split MC:

Split release between Hellas and German Black Metal cults.  Limited to 320 copies on Werewolf Promotion-------------------------------------------------------------------5USD

DARKEST GROVE "The Rudimentary of Pessimism" MC:
first demo, raw midpace USBM. Forever plagued-----------------------5USD

DARKSTORM "In Nomine Dark Storm" MC:
Thier 94' demo, raw death/black from the Czech Republic-------------5USD

DARKSTORM "Four Lucan Emperors" MC:
The 96' cd on tape. Featuring Maniac Butcher members. Pussy God Records---------------------------------------------------------------------5USD

DEATHMOON "Daemoonhermeticum" MC:
Impressive occult black metal from Russia featuring members from Ithdabquth Qliphoth. Thier first assault on Misanthropic Propaganda-5USD

DEATHROW/MOLOCH "Echoes in Eternity" MC:
A split release of dark ambient/black journey into eternity. Limited to 100 copies, Tour de Garde-------------------------------------------5USD

DECAYED "Ataque Infernal" MC:
Long running portugese blackend thrash metal act coming back with a demo 2000 including cover songs by Bathory, Sodom, Kreator limited to 500 copies. Luci Dist Productions---------------------------------------5USD

DEMIURG "From the Throne of Darkness" MC:
Raw black metal from Poland, arranged with keyboard work; makes the material very epic yet touching base with traditional Polish black metal. Werewolf Promotions------------------------------------------5USD

DEMIURG "Krolestwo Mrocznego Lasu" MC:
Going back to their old traditions, a continuation of of their last full length. The production is much rawer and more constructive on this sophomore album. Limited on "pro" tape. Werewolf Promotions---------5USD

DEMIURG "Unholy War - Sword of rebellion" MC:
Includes tracks from their "Unholy War," and "Secrets of Pentagram" Eps. Werewolf Promotions-------------------------------------------------5USD

DEMONAR "Annihilation" MC:
description to come-------------------------------------------------5USD

DEMONIC FOREST "Endless Silence Of Desolation" MC:
Depressive black metal from Mexico, their debut full-length of 2008. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies, pro tape/cover. Croquemort------5USD

DEMONCY "Faustian Dawn" MC:
The 93' demo from this US cult avalible again on mc by Ravenheart, pro-printed covers, limited to 500 copies-------------------------------5USD


DEMONCY "Joined in Darkness" MC:

The first full-length on mc by Ravenheart, limited to 500 copies and comes with two bonus tracks, one of them being a Mayhem cover-------5USD

DENIAL OF GOD "The Ghouls of D.O.G." MC:
Black Horror metal, their 96' EP finally released on tape. Profession-ally printed bilateral red/black/white cover, limited to 555 copies. Misanthropic Propaganda---------------------------------------------5USD

DESASTER "A Touch of Medieval Darkness" MC:
First full length in 96' excellent black thrash from Germany. Nightbirds Rex-----------------------------------------------------------------5USD

DESASTER "Stormbringer" MC:
Storming onward with a 6 more tracks of black thrashing kvlt. Nightbirds Rex-----------------------------------------------------------------5USD

DESASTER "Hellfire's Dominion" MC:
Sophomore album in 98' perfecting thier style and carrying the torch of true black thrash, highly recommended. Nightbirds Rex---------------5USD

DESASTER "Tyrants of the Netherworld" MC:
These German thrash maniaks return in their third full-length album. Satanic blackend thrash. Nightbirds---------------------------------5USD

DESASTER "Divine Blasphemies" MC:
Their forth full-length album, more blackend thrash, with a clearer production. Nightbirds Rex------------------------------------------5USD

DESOLATION TRIUMPHALIS "Forever Bound to Nothingness" MC:
Satanik French black metal featuring members of Kristallnacht, Bekhira, Chemin de Haine. This is supposidly their last recording, according to the infos in the booklet. Misanthropic Propaganda-------------------5USD

Brazilian black metal featuring their old demos, includes Evil member-----------------------------------------------------------------------5USD

DODSFERD "Journey of Death" MC:
A compilation of tracks by this black metal band from Greece, with a Burzum cover. Nightbirds--------------------------------------------5USD

DODSFERD "Desecrating the Spirit of Life" MC:
First full-length, misanthropic black metal from Greece. Nightbirds-5USD




Greek Radical Noise Black Metal project. 4 old rehearsal tracks spawned forth for all to suffer through. Limited to 75 hand-numbered/Xerox covers. Winter Solace ----------------------------------------------5USD

DROWNING THE LIGHT "Through the Noose of Existence" MC:
a re-release with a pro-cover and bonus tracks of the "Tormented Nights" 2008 material. A nice double-sided fold out cover. Hammer of Damnation----------------------------------------------------------------------5USD

DROWNING THE LIGHT "Of Celtic Blood & Satanic Pride" MC:
a re-release with a pro-cover and bonus tracks of the "Flames of Sacrifice" 2008 material. A nice double-sided fold out cover. Hammer of Damnation-----------------------------------------------------------5USD

DROWNING THE LIGHT "To the End of Time" MC:
a re-release with a pro-cover. Features Scorpios from Crimson Moon, and Gamol from War Daemonic & Drohtnung do guest vocals on a few tracks. A nice double-sided fold out cover. Hammer of Damnation---------------5USD

DROWNING THE LIGHT "Blood of the Ancients" MC:
Latest full length release, in the vein of their previous works. Nice fold out cover. Hammer of Damnation---------------------------------5USD

DUB BUK "Idu na Wy!" MC:
NS Pagan black metal from the Ukraina, with members of Svyatogor and Thunderkraft. Their first full-length, reminiscent to Nokturnal Mortum. Kolovorot-----------------------------------------------------------5USD

DUB BUK "Rus Ponad Vse!" MC:
NS Pagan black metal from the Ukraina, with members of Svyatogor and Thunderkraft. Their second full-length, reminiscent to Nokturnal Mortum. Kolovorot-----------------------------------------------------------5USD


DUNKELHEIT “Endelss Dream About The Final Deliverance (Rehearsal 2009)” DEMO:

Latest demo with two long track of cold black metal inner awakening circle from Hungary. Limited to 200 copies. Werewolf Promotions-----5USD


EIHWAZ/SEARING SKULL “United by the Runes” split MC:

Two underground French Black Metal bands collide with each offering 4-tracks.  Limited to 500 copies---------------------------------------------------------------------------5USD


EINHERJAR “Sur Les Sentiers D'une Guerre Païenne” MC:

Pagan Black Metal from Belgium, debut demo offering 5 tracks. Limited to 300 copies. Sabbath’s Fire------------------------------------------5USD


EISENWINTER “Helvetische Primitive Black Metal Tonkunst” MC:

A re-issue of their 2000 demo, with a new cover/layout. Primitive NS black metal from Switzerland. Teutonic Satan------------------------5USD


EMIT “The Dark Gods” MC:

Dark Ambient/black metal from the UK. Limited to 500 Meurte Noir----5USD



A split release of two raw black metal bands from Australia and the US, Xeroxed cover. Heidens Hart-----------------------------------------5USD



NS Black Metal/RAC from Russia, from the mastermind behind Stella Arja, Eisigwald, etc. Limited to 488 Rarog Productions--------------------5USD


ENECARE “Servorum Sathanas” DEMO:

Third demo, raw black metal from Ireland. Last Rights---------------5USD


ENECARE “Reh 2009 I - Fetish” DEMO:

Misanthropic black metal from Ireland, limited to 666 copies. Croquemort----------------------------------------------------------5USD


EOLE NOIR “Ambivalence” MC:

Second demo containing old recordings featuring members of Nartvind nothing more to say, get it. Limited to 200 copies. THP-------------5USD


EPITHALIUM “Ausrottung” MC:

First full-length album, hailing from Germany and features members of Totenburg/ Menneskerhat.  Hammerbund Records----------------------------------------------------5USD


ESCHATOS “Child of the Ashes” MC:

Black Metal from Poland, limited to 333 Pussy God Records-----------5USD


ETTENMOOR “Winter of Supremacy” MC:

Debut demo from this young Finnish black metal act following in the footsteps of Baptism, Satanic Warmaster, etc. Limited to 200 hand- numbered copies. Thor’s Hammer Productions--------------------------5USD


ETTENMOOR/AGAZGUL “Finnish’s Hammers Underground Black Metal” split MC:

A split release of two new bands from Finland, pure black metal cult. Limited to 150 hand-numbered copies. Thor’s Hammer Productions------5USD


EVIL “Arktogaa” MC:

Their 2006 EP, offeriing six tracks of Pagan black metal. Hammer of Damnation-----------------------------------------------------------5USD


EVIL “Raw Coldness” MC:

A collection of old and new recordings from sessions from 07’strange recordins..includes an ABUSRD cover. Hammer of Damnation------------5USD


EVIL “Hammerstorm” MC:

The lastest full-length from this long-running Brazilian Black Metal attack, consistently laying the hammer down, and showing what true Black Metal is about.  Hammer of Damnation--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5USD


EVIL/LECHIA “Warriors of Pagan Victory” MC:

A split release of the legendary EVIL and LECHIA from Poland. NS Pagan Black Metal featuring member from Gontyna Kry both contributing two tracks. Old Pride Records-------------------------------------------5USD


EVIL/SATANIC WARMASTER “Southern/Careliand - Black Metal Holocaust” MC:

Official tape version of the 7” EP which came out on Tanhu records. Comes with a nice layout. Hammer of Damnation-----------------------5USD


EVIL/DROWNING THE LIGHT “A Reflection of the Past/Where the Sun Was Never Born” split MC:

Two of the leaders is Black Metal team up and offer 5-tracks on each side.  Get it!  Hammer of Damnation------------------------------------------------------------------5USD


EVIL/THALLIUM “…of Winter Woods” MC:

Yet another split release with both bands contributing tracks from their upcoming albums Hammerstorm and Thallium‘s Armanenschaft. Hammer of Damnation-----------------------------------------------------------5USD


EVIL(SVK)/LUGUBRIS “V Pekelnom Ohni…Vazanie Nesmrtelnych…” split MC:

Split release by two Slovakian Black Metal bands with members of Slavigrom, Warmarch 300 copies. Werewolf Promotions/Suicide Taste---5USD


EVILFEAST “Mysteries of the Nocturnal Forest” MC:

Debut full-length album re-released on tape.  Cold Polish Black Metal with haunting keyboards, recommended.  Werewolf Promotion/Ancient Order----------------------------5USD


EVILFEAST/MARBLEBOG “Isenheimen/Abyss Calls…” Split MC:

A split release from Poland’s Atmospheric black metal and Hungary’s ambient/black metal. Limited to 1000 copies Hammer of Damnation-----5USD


EVILWINGED “Crush the Human Factor” MC:

Misanthropic black metal from Russia, debut demo dissonant black metal highly recommended--------------------------------------------------5USD


EVILWINGED “Avatars of Satan” MC:

After some years they have released a full-length, cold misanthropic black Metal. Osolon-------------------------------------------------5USD


EXILE “The Nightcoming” MC:

Debut demo, raw black metal from Bulgaria. Kassetten Edition Dreizack-----------------------------------------------------------------------5USD


EXILE “Nightcoming II” MC:

Second part of the Nightcoming, raw black metal from Bulgaria limited to 500. Kassetten Edition Dreizack-------------------------------------5USD


EXILE “Restless Soul” MC:

Second demo, raw black metal from Bulgaria limited to 500. Kassetten Edition Dreizack----------------------------------------------------5USD


FAETHON "Pagan Revival" MC:
Unreleased demo from this New Greek project, Heathen NSBM featuring an absurd cover. Limited to 88 hand numbered copies. Winter Solace-----5USD

FEMEGERICHT / JAROVIT "Voina Sveshennaya" split MC:
two National Socialist bands from Russia, FEMEGERICHT plays ambient keys
JAROVIT plays Folk black metal. Armour Get Dawn---------------------5USD


FINIST “Crosses Shall Burn” MC:

National Socialist ‘Power’ Metal from the Ukraine with member of Nokturnal Mortum. Thick keyboards and blazing guitar riffs, strange material. Stellar Winter/Ancient Nation--5USD


FJORD “Vor Tru” MC:

Folk Metal hailing from Canada featuring ex-member of Nacht und Nebel, their first full-length on tape limited to 320 copies.  Werewolf Promotion/Hammerbolt-----------------5USD  

FLAMMENTOD "Im Kampf um Deutschland" MC:
Crushing NSBM from Germany featuring Holocautus and Aryan Blood members. AMF Productions-----------------------------------------------------5USD


FLAMMENTOD "Ehre, Treue, Vaterland" MC:
Vinlandic version of the 07' demo, radikall black metal from Germany. Winter Solace-------------------------------------------------------5USD


FLAMMENTOD "Chattenkrieg/ Sturm" MC:
Includes the "Chattenkrieg" full-length, and the out of print ' Sturm' recording. Winter Solace-------------------------------------5USD


FLAME OF WAR “The Flames Are Rising” MC:

Impressive debut demo satanic black metal from Poland, with members of Slavecrushing Tyrant. Limited to 200 copies. Werewolf Promotions----5USD

FLAME OF WAR "Europa: Or The Spirit Among the Ruins" MC:
Brilliant NSBM from Poland, raw atmopshere, lo-fi recording and crushing black metal war. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies, on "pro-tape" Werewolf Promotions-------------------------------------------------5USD


FLAME OF WAR “Transcendence” MC:

Latest full-length from this promising Polish cult. Three tracks just under an hour of pure epic Black Metal the way it was meant to be. Limited to 500 hand numbered copies. Werewolf Promotions------------------------------------------------------------------5USD

FOLKVANG "World of Wisdom" MC:
Cold Epic Pagan black metal from Belarus. Impressive first full-length including a Burzum and Bathory cover. Comes with a nice cover/layout. Ancient Nation--------------------5USD


FOLKVANG “On the Wings of Destiny”

Second offering of cold atmospheric black metal from Belarus, a soon to be classic, limited to 300 copies. Winter Solace--------------------5USD

first demo tape from this BBH project. Stellar Winter---------------5USD

FOREST "Like a Blaze Above the Ashes" MC:
Second demo, BBH. Stellar Winter------------------------------------5USD

FOREST "As a Song in the Harvest of Grief" MC:
4th full-length, truly epic Rus BM. Tanhu---------------------------5USD


FOREST "Foredooming the Hope for Eternity" MC:
3rd full-length from this blazebirth hall kvlt.---------------------5USD


FORESTDOME “Foresthrone” MC:

Black Metal from spain, this release is a compilation of the material.  A.M.F--------5USD


FORGOT "Sic Luceat Lux" MC:
Raw epic black metal from Russia. Far East Division Black Wolves. Osolon-------------5USD


FORGOT "Burning Down" MC:
First full length, raw misanthropic black metal from Russia. Far East Division Black Wolves. Osolon-----------------------------------------------------------------------5USD


FORLORN WINDS “Signal of Gjall” MC:

Promo-cassette of the new project from Vautrin, Wotanic Black Metal to usher in Ragnarok.  Featuring songs from the upcoming full-length “The Day the Wolf Swallowed the Sun” on DTB Records including rehearsal tracks.  Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies--------------5USD


FULLMOON RISE "The End of Life`s Ages" MC:
Cold black metal from Russia dating back to 97' with a nasty rehearsal sound.--------------======================--------------------------5USD


GASSTURM "Zeitenschlacht" MC:
Raw NS Black Metal from Germany, third demo. Hammerbund Gemeinschaft------------5USD



Black Metal from Peru, 2010 demo released on Winter Solace limited to 100 copies—--5USD


First full-length, NS black metal hailing from Hellas reminiscent to older Legion of Doom. Beverina--------------------------------------5USD

GAUNTLET'S SWORD/STUTTHOF "Into the White Waters of Hellas" split MC:
2001 NSBM split from hellas, both bands with a flawless performance and have made their name with this soon to be legendary release. Ancient Nation--------------------------------------------------------------5USD


The Long awaited split between two dutch kults. Terdor offers 6 tracks of war black metal, and Gheestenland plays pure misanthropic christ-crushing black metal along with live tracks. 'Ware NLBM voor de Elite’ Wolfsvuur ----------------------------------------------------------5USD


GNIEU “Darkworld of Old Legends” MC:

Cold Black Metal from Belarus in the vein of Aryan Art.  Werewolf Promotion----------5USD

GOATFIRE "Sacrophobic Initiation" MC:
the out of print full-length on Sombre on tape including The Fifth Fulmination 7" EP material.-----------------------------------------5USD

GOATSIGNAL "Marriage of Eve and the Serpent" MC:
Hateful sadistic black metal from Finland with insane noise / plague/ vomit. Mutilate and inflict pain upon yourself, crush your life in devotion to our master! Wolfsvuur-----------------------------------5USD

GODLESS NORTH "Summon the Age of Supremacy" MC:
Thier first full-length album, furious Northern black metal from this Canadian elite. This version comes with two bonus tracks including a Burzum cover. Warspirit Rex-----------------------------------------5USD

GONFANON "Medieval Hymns" MC:
Folkish French black metal with member of Sacrificia Mortuorum. Chanteloup Creations------------------------------------------------5USD

GONFANON "Dux Bellorum" MC:
Folkish black metal with a cold atmosphere. Inspire Hate------------5USD

Raw French black metal with dark ambient parts. Inspire Hate--------5USD

GONTYNA KRY "Krew Naszych Ojcow" MC:
Full-length 2001 album raw NS black metal combining keyboard elements. OLP-----------6USD


GONTYNA KRY “The Blood of Our Fathers” MC:

2008 Full-length after a hiatus, the less use of keyboards but more defined sound.  Imagine ‘Krew Naszych Ojcow’ without the keys. Highly recommended, limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.  Werewolf Promotion------------------------------------------------5USD


GOTTLOS “Internal Pandemonio” MC:

Raw black metal from Greece with featured member Barbarud from Maniac Butcher. Limited to 666 hand numbered copies------------------------5USD


GRAVELAND “Necromanteion + Promo June ‘92” MC:

Finally released on tape, the official version of the debut demo along with the Promo of 92’ on a pro tape. Raw black/death metal before Darken has found his true sound. Limited to 300 copies. Strigoi-----5USD

GRAVELAND "Epilogue/Impaler's Wolves" MC:
Combines the 93' Epilogue demo and the 99' Impaler's Wolves EP on one mc Pro-cover. Oriana/Kolovrat Productions.-----------------------------5USD

GRAVELAND "Carpathian Wolves" MC:
First full length, primitive pagan black metal by this legendary Polish horde. Oriana/Kolovrat Productions.---------------------------------5USD

GRAVELAND "The Celtic Winter" MC:
Cold pagan black metal, this time a more simplistic progression adding emotional depth. Oriana/Kolovrat Productions------------------------5USD

GRAVELAND "Thousand Swords" MC:
just when you thought the previous albums were unmatched, Thousand Swords slits your throats with another great pagan dissonant black metal hymm. pro-cover. Oriana/Kolovrat Productions------------------------5USD

GRAVELAND "In the Glare of Burning Churches" MC:
Third full length album, solid tracks very epic and primative. Possibly the greatest album the band has to offer. pro-cover. Oriana/Kolovrat Productions---------------------------------------------------------5USD

GRAVELAND "Following the Voice of Blood" MC:
4th full length album, Capricornus as "session" drummer. Thick use of the keyboards cold and grim. pro-cover. Oriana/Kolovrat Productions-5USD

GRAVELAND "Immortal Pride" MC:
1998 brings the 5th full length album, with 4 songs stretching over 50 mins. 2 of them being instrumental tracks. pro-cover. Oriana/Kolovrat Productions---------------------------------------------------------5USD

GRAVELAND "Creed of Iron" MC:
2000 full-length from this long running Polish horde. Pro cover limited to 300 handnumbered copies. Night Birds Records---------------------5USD


GRAVELAND "Raise Your Sword!" MC:
2001 Ep still holds strong to roots. Highly recommended. pro cover 300 copies Night Birds Records------------------------------------------5USD

GRAVELAND "Memory and Destiny" MC:
2002 Full length with elements of Immortal Pride. 5 tracks of cold pagan black metal just under 50 mins. pro cover 300 copies Night Birds Records-------------------------------------------------------------5USD

GRAVELAND "The Fire of Awakening" MC:
8th full length album. pro cover 300 copies Night Birds Records-----5USD

GRAVELAND "Dawn Of Iron Blades" MC:
9th opus. pro cover 300 copies Night Birds Records------------------5USD

GRAVELAND "Fire Chariot of Destruction" MC:
2005 full length just over an hour of pagan black metal. pro cover 300 copies Night Birds Records------------------------------------------5USD

GRAVELAND "Drunemeton" MC:
92' demo defining Polish black metal with a cold, hateful and epic touch. Night Birds Records------------------------------------------5USD

GRAVELAND "Raiders of Revenge" MC:
The 2000 material that was released together with the Honor split. Night Birds Records-------------------------------------------------------5USD

GRAVELAND "Impaler's Wolves" MC:
The 99' Ep, songs are extended and re-recorded versions of the songs released previously on Carpathian Wolves. Night Birds Records-------5USD

GRAVELAND "Blood of Heroes" MC:
The 2002 Ep originally released on vinyl, now on tape. Night Birds Records-------------------------------------------------------------5USD


GRAVELAND “Will Stronger Than Death” MC:

The 07’ full-length an epic journey from start to finish, ancient Valkyrian choir, thundering hammers and heathen fire chords provide the atmosphere that is will stronger than death. Impressive colour layout by Darken, limited to 500 hand numbered copies. Werewolf Promotions------------------------------------------------------------------5USD


GRAVELAND “Spears of Heaven” MC:

The latest full-length, a continuance of WSTD, the Pagan Black Metal flames still burns strong. Superb colour layout by Darken himself, pro tape cover + tape stickers. Limited to 500 Werewolf Promotions------5USD


GRAVELAND “Cold Winter Blades” EP

Featuring material from various splits and compilations, tape version comes with three bonus tracks.  Werewolf Promotion--------------------------------------------------- 5USD

GRIMFAUG "Blood Upon the Face of Creation" MC:
Finally released on limited tape, obscure Belgium black metal, pro-cover on Northern Sky Productions.----------------------------------------5USD

GRIMFAUG "Defloration of Lifes' Essence" MC:
Latest release from these Belgium kvlt, orthodox BM in the similar vein as the last release. pro-cover on Northern Sky Productions.---------5USD

Two legendary acts united under wolfish paganism. Venedae from Poland playing pagan black metal and Grom from Russia playing NS folk black metal. A beautiful atmosphere from both acts just over an hour long, highly recommended. Stellar Winter----------------------5USD


GROMOL “The Elements Holocaust” MC:

Debut demo 2011, Russian Black Metal released on tape by Werewolf Promotion/Acclaim Records 250 copies-------------------------------------------------------------------5USD


GYOTRELEM “Teljes Beteljesules: HALAL” MCL

Black Metal from Hungary and a member of the Inner Awakening Circle.  Limited to 266 copies on Werewolf Promotion/Sigillvm------------------------------------------------5USD


GYOTRELEM/LEPRA “Live At Inner Awakening Fest” split MC:

Recorded live at Inner Awakening Fest in Szeged, Hungary 07-08.08.2009  Limited to 200 copies on Werewolf Promotion---------------------------------------------------------5USD


HAKENKREUZZUG "Centurions of Thule" MC:
This release contains both the 'Centurions of Thule' and 'Promo 112' demos on one tape. Total radical NSBM from france and sick production. Gates fro Valhalla--------------------------------------------------5USD

HAKENKREUZ NOCTURNA "Eternal Introspective Winter" MC:
Depressive and hateful black metal from Italy, includes Apolokia member. AMF Productions-----------------------------------------------------5USD

Reheasal demo from 2002 finally avalible again on tape for those who missed out. Pagan black metal with low vocals. Hammer of Damnation-------------------------------------5USD

Their 2001 EP, a half hour of cold black metal.--------------------------------------5USD

Second full length-------------------------------------------------------------------5USD

HATE FOREST "Temple Forest" MC:
Keyboard ambient demo recorded in 2000. Remained unreleased until 2003 when this recording appeared on the "To Twilight Thickets" compilation. Now released as a cassette. Hammer of Damnation------------------------------------------------------------------5USD

Thier final fulllength in 2005 cold minimalistic black metal. Totenkopf Propaganda---5USD

Thier original first demo in its purest form. Slavonic black metal with an ancient feeling. Pussy God-------------------------------------------------------------------5USD


HATE FOREST “Resistance” MC:

The sold-out 7” EP originally on Ledo Takas Records, now re-released onto tape.  Werewolf Promotion----------------------------------------------------------------------------5USD


HATE FOREST “Dead But Dreaming” MC:

Contains the very last unreleased recordings, studio tracks and live recordings from the Kolovorot Festival in 2002.  Werewolf Promotion--------------------------------------5USD


HATEFUL “Keys to Immortality” MC:

New project from members of Szron/Selbstmord hateful Black Metal Werewolf Promotion-5USD

HATENWAR "Black Metal War" MC:
A compilation of tracks from 1998-2000, Polish NS Black Metal with members of Gontyna Kry and Cryptal Spectres. Pro tape/pro cover, limited to 278. Eastside-------------------5USD


HELHEIM “Terrorveldet” MC:

Viking Metal from Norway 1999 EP released on tape by Night Birds Records-------------5USD

HELLSTRIKE "Soundtrack For Aryan War!" MC:
Primative NS USBM with a rough reheasal sound limited to 300 copies. Terrorwolfe Productions---------------------------------------------5USD

HELLVETO "Horned Sky" MC:
Symphonic Pagan black metal from Poland. This is thier 3rd demo from 1999 just under an hour long. Nawia Productions --------------------5USD

HELVETESPINE "Frykten Og Mennesket" MC:
First full-length, Norwegian black metal featuring member of Mareritt. Frostscald----------------------------------------------------------5USD

raw black metal from both bands hailing from Greece. Saturno, features member from Ravenbanner.--------------------------------------------5USD


HOLOCAUST “The Call of Thuringian Woods” MC:

Their 1999 demo release, Black Metal from Germany on Hammerbund------------------5USD

HORNA "Vuohipaimen" MC:
2004 EP, originally released on vinyl now finally on tape. Tanhu----5USD


HORNA “Talismaani” MC:

Their 04’ EP finally released on tape, featuring old recordings and a track from the pre-Horna era. Tanhu---------------------------------5USD


HORNA “Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne” MC:

Their fourth full-length on tape including a bonus track exclusive to the tape version only. Limited hand numbered Tanhu------------------5USD

HORNED ALMIGHTY "Black Metal Jesus" MC:
Black metal from Denmark with members of Mareridt and Black Dementia. Satanic Propaganda--------------------------------------------------5USD

HREFNESHOLT "Hrefnesvinter" MC:
Pagan Ambient from Austria, similar to Burzum's Hlidskj�lf album. Halllucination -----------------------------------------------------5USD


HROMOVLAD "Vládca Lesov, Skalných Stien" MC:
Slovakian black metal, first full length similar to Skyforger. Stuza-----------------5USD


HUMAN SLAUGHTER “The Seasons of the Witch frost” MC:

Black/Death Metal from the US, featuring ex-member of Cold Northern Vengeance.  North Cabin Enterprises--------------------------------------------------------------------5USD


HUNOK “A Mag Letenek Egyensulya” MC:

Pagan Ambient music done quite well with members of Nyktalgia and Marblebog. Comes with a nice glossy cover. Tanhu--------------------5USD

HYPOMANIE "I Am Alone With You" MC:
One-man project Hypomanie delivers negative and hopeless black metal; with an intense feeling of failure and despair. You will feel worthless and left alone, the death awaiting. Wolfsvurr ----------------------5USD

HYPOTHERMIA "Suicide Fixation" MC:
Suicidal black metal metal with a rehearsal rawness to it. Winterriech ---------------------------------------------------------------------5USD

HYPOTHERMIA "Sjalvdestruktivitet Fodd Av Monotona Tankegånga" MC:
Similar to the first release, 2 songs in the slow depressive black metal vein, over 25mins. Winterriech--------------------------------------5USD

HYPOTHERMIA "Sjalvdestruktivitet Fodd Av Monotona Tankegånga II - Monoton Negativitet" CS:
A continuation of the last demo, has a better atmosphere and coldness. Winterriech --------------------------------------------------------5USD


IMMANIS "A Coffin for the Sun" MC:
raw black metal from Portuagal. Members from Inner Helvete and Warmaster-----------------------------------------------------------5USD


IMMORTEN "Friedhofs Mond" MC:
crushing black metal from Poland. Pro cover and tape limited to 200 handnumbered copies. Total War--------------------------------------5USD

INFERNO "Peklo Na Zemi" MC:
a rerelease of their 96/97' demo, anti-christian black metal from the Czech Republic. Limited edition on pro tape/pro cover. Old Legends Productions---------------------------------------------------------6USD

INFERNO "Uctivani temné zuoivosti" MC:
Fourth full length album, satanikkk black metal from the Czech Rep. Limited to 300, Strigoi Records-------------------------------------5USD


INFERNO “Nikdy Nepokrteni” MC:

2006 Full-length from this legendary Czech Black Metal act and without signs of slowing down.  Expect unholy Black Metal from the pits of hell.  Werewolf Promotion----------5USD

INFERNO/TUNDRA "Infernal Belief" Split MC:
A split release, with a Moonblood cover. release Limited to 300 copies, Strigoi Records-----------------------------------------------------5USD


INFERNO/WINTER BLASPHEMER “Blood Posioned By the Glorious Evil” split MC:

Legendary Czech Black Metal teams up with a new Polish Black Metal band (featuring member of Leichengott) offering two songs from each side. Hail Satan666---------------------5USD


INFERNUM "...Taur-Nu-Fuin" MC:
One of the most essential black metal releases. Darken offers cold black metal with an ancient feel, haunting keyboards, and fire breathing vocals sets the outline for Polish BM. This is a repressing of the
sold out Astral Wings version. Rod of Iron--------------------------5USD


INFERNUM "...Taur-Nu-Fuin" MC:
One of the most essential black metal releases. Another reissue on tape by Night Birds Records ---------------------------------------------5USD


INFERNUM "Farewell" MC:
The second and last album, in the same epic vein as the last album. Night Birds Records.------------------------------------------------5USD


INFERNUS "Suprema Profanacao" MC:
raw black metal from Portuagal. Limited to 666 handnumbered copies. Purodium Rekords----------------------------------------------------5USD

A compilation of tracks from their Ep and split with SVEST also includes a Darkthrone cover. Pro tape/cover. The way of Force/Offering Rec---5USD


INMITTEN DES WALDES “Traum und Sehnsucht” MC:

Depressive Black Metal from Brazil, this release captures various tracks from their sold out demos. AMF--------------------------------------5USD

IRAE/ACCEPTUS NOCTIFER "Contempt and Slander" MC:
A Split release by two bands hailing from Portugal. Both playing raw satanic black metal with drum machines. Skull Productions-----------5USD


IUVENES "The Empyrean Call's of Wolves" MC:
Polish Pagan Ambient in their 2nd demo in 1998. This was before they incorporated black metal into their dark ambience. Great material. Pagan Folk Productions----------------------------------------------------5USD


JAR “Flame of Kupala” MC:

Pagan Black Metal from Belarus, their first full-length with use of wind instruments and acoustics to achieve the Slavic folk sound. AMF-----5USD



Split release of two Belarus Pagan/Folk metal bands, limited to 500 copies on A.M.F—-5USD


JUDAS ISCARIOT "Of Great Eternity" MC:
3rd full-length on mc pro-cover. Night Birds Records---------------------------------5USD


JUDAS ISCARIOT "Of Great Eternity" MC:
3rd full-length on mc pro-cover limited to 666 hand-numbered. Pussy God Records------5USD

JUDAS ISCARIOT "Heaven in Flames" MC:
Monumental album, cold black metal with chilling keyboards; blazing from start to finish. Frostscald---------------------------------------------------------------------------5USD


JUDAS ISCARIOT “Distant in Solitary Night” MC:

Fourth opus released on tape with the Sombre Records version cover. No more words needed, USBM at its finest. Rampant Evil Records---------------------------------------------5USD


KATAXU “Hunger of the Elements” MC:

The continuation of the “Roots Thunder’ demo which came out 5-years prior somehow reminiscent of the atmosphere astral journey into the unknown.  Werewolf Promotion---5USD

Ukrainian black metal, debut album with drum machine. similar vein to Astrofaes and Hate Forest. Stuza------------------------------------------------------------------------5USD


KLADOVEST “Escape in Melancholy” MC:

Second full-length material with member of Astrofaes, great Slavonic Black Metal from the Ukraine comes with pro-cover + tape stickers. Werewolf Promotions/Stuza--------------5USD


KOLDBRANN "Moribund" MC:
Second full-length, black metal from Norway with member of Urgehal, Limited to 300 copies. Nightbirds-----------------------------------5USD


KRODA "Cry to Me, River..." MC:
Debut full-length album Pagan folk Black Metal from Ukraina. Excellent layout. Stellar Winter/Rarog----------------------------------------5USD


KRODA "Towards the Firmaments Verge of Life..." MC:
Pagan Folk Black Metal from Ukraina, in the similar vein as their first full-length. Ancient nation-----------------------------------------5USD


KRODA “Live in Lemberg” MC:

Live tape with 13 tracks, Pagan folk black metal from the Ukraine. Nice layout, comes with a cardboard cover. Limited to 500 Werewolf Pro---5USD


KRODA/OPRICH “Legend/Wolfen Loyalty” split MC:

Split tape with Russia’s new coming Folk metal band. Nice colour layout, limited to 500 copies, Werewolf Promotions--------------------------5USD


KRODA/VELIMOR “By the Hammer of Spirit and Identity of Blood” split MC:

Uniting Pagan folk/NSBM folk shows great contrast in musicianship but maintaining their Pagan ideals. Beautiful high quality layout limited to 500 hand numbered copies. Werewolf Promotions--------------------5USD

KRYPTEIA "Hellenic Martial Virtue" MC:
NSBM from Greece, has ex-Stutthof member----------------------------5USD


Spiritual black metal from this young US act, a nice rehearsal sound. Skull Productions---------------------------------------------------5USD


LASCOWIEC “Unbroken Spirit” MC:

First full-length after a list of demos.  Formerly known as Angkor Vat and hailing from Vinland, has developed a unique sound for fans of Blazebirth Hall material.  Werewolf Promotion/Hammerbund-----------------------------------------------------------------5USD


LASCOWIEC/GNIEU “Marching With the Blizzard’s Rage” split MC:

Split between Vinland/Belarus Black Metal cults.  For fans of Blazebirth Hall and Aryan Art.  Highly recommended, on Werewolf Promotion/Wulfrune Worxxx----------------------5USD


LECHIA “Ark Woli” MC:

NS Pagan Black Metal from Poland featuring member of Gontyna Kry/Perunwit.  Their first full-length material after a series of demos and splits.  Limited to 320 hand-numbered copies.  Werewolf Promotion---------------------------------------------------------5USD


LECHIA/ARCHANJRA "Strazinicy Aryjskiej Krwi" Split MC:
A split between two Polish Pagan black metal acts, in the vein of Venedae. Czertog Promotion------------------------------------------5USD


LEGION "Legion of Darkness" MC:
LEGION from Denmark, playing oldschool brutal death metal in the vein of Incantation, and Immolation. Professionally printed bilateral black and white cover. Misanthropic Propaganda--------------------------------5USD


LEICHENGOTT "Psalmy Przeklenstwa" MC:
Third demo from this satanik black metal band from Poland with members of Winter Blasphemer. Pro tape/cover, limited to 333 handnumbered. Hail Satan666------------- -5USD


LEPRA “Wounds of the Past Centuries” MC:

Hungarian Black Metal debut demo and belongs to the Inner Awakening Circle.  Werewolf Promotion/algiz Art------------------------------------------------------------------5USD


LEPRA/GYOTRELEM “Live At Inner Awakening Fest” split MC:

Recorded live at Inner Awakening Fest in Szeged, Hungary 07-08.08.2009  Limited to 200 copies on Werewolf Promotion---------------------------------------------------------5USD

LORD WIND "Heralds of Fight" MC:
Medieval/Folk ambient project of Darken with a more black metal approach in this 2nd full length. Pro tape/pro cover. Old Legend Productions-5USD


LORD WIND "Rites Of The Valkyries" MC:
Third full-length album, medieval ambient with more atmopshere reminds me of Summoning. Excellent layout by Darken, pro tape/cover limited to 500 pieces. Werewolf Promotions-------------------------------------5USD


LORD WIND "Atlantean Monument" MC:
Darken's fourth masterpiece ambient folk music with some tribal drums. highly recommended. Limited to 500 copies handnumbered pro tape/cover. Werewolf Promotions-------------------------------------------------5USD



Folk Black Metal from Switzerland, debut demo 2008 with bonus track.  Winter Solace--5USD


LUT' "Dnipro 14/88!" MC:
NS black metal/RAC from Ukraina, this album is dedicated to Blazebirth Hall. Rarog---------------------------------------------------------5USD

LUT' "Волочите стяги, русичи!" MC:
Pagan Black Metal from the Ukraine (Uzhgorod), some interesting song arrangements with min. key-board use creates a great atmosphere-----5USD


LUTOMYSL "Decadence" MC:
4th full-length, Ukrainain black metal with member of Lucifugum. Propaganda----------------------------------------------------------5USD

LUTOMYSL "The Challenge" MC:
Crushing NS black metal from the Ukraine and cold acoustic interludes, with ex member of Lucifugum. Ancient Nation-------------------------5USD


first demo assault by this young Minnesotan black metal act. Orthodox black metal with a rough sound.-------------------------------------5USD

MANIAC BUTCHER "Immortal Death" MC:
The 93' demo that started the band. The music is more death metal influenced. xeroxed cover. pussy god--------------------------------5USD

MANIAC BUTCHER "The Incapable Carrion" MC:
The 94' demo, on pro-cover mc. pussy god----------------------------5USD

MANIAC BUTCHER "Live in Annaberg" MC:
Recorded live in Chicago Club, Annaberg (Germany) March 23rd, 1997. This is a mc only release co-released by Sombre and Pussy God Records----5USD

first full-length by these Czech barbarians. pussy god--------------5USD


MANIAC BUTCHER "Lucan-Antikrist" MC:
Second assault by these Czech barbarians. In the same vein as Barbarians. pussy god-----------------------------------------------5USD

3rd full-length on pro-cover mc. pussy god--------------------------5USD

4th full-length, on pro-cover mc. pussy god-------------------------5USD

The 5th onslaught by this Czech maniacs, a lot cleaner production and a lot tighter. Pussy God----------------------------------------------5USD

The 6-6-6th final full-length by Maniac Butcher. Pure Black Metal storm, pro-printed cover. pussy god----------------------------------------5USD


MANIAC BUTCHER “Live in Open Hell” MC:

Live set from the Open Hell Festival in Volyne, Czechia 17.07.1999. Limited to 666 copies. Pussy God------------------------------------5USD

MARBLEBOG "Forestheart" MC:
3rd Full-length album from this Hungarian pagan black metal with ambient twist. Hammer of Damnation------------------------------------------5USD

MARKS OF THE MASOCHIST "to shape the end" MC:
description to come-------------------------------------------------5USD

Impressive Lo-fi Black Metal from the States, Xeroxed cover. Teutonic Satan --------------------------------------------------------------5USD

MENNESKERHAT "Der Weg zum Galgen" MC:
NS German black metal with member of Totenburg/Permafrost. Thier 2004 demo rereleased with a bonus track. Donnesrschlag rex---------------5USD

MERRIMACK "Ashes of Purification" MC:
First full-length album by this french horde on pro cover tape------5USD

MIASMA "Spirit Death" MC:
Second Full-length, depressive black metal from Canada. Limited to 333 copies. Croquemort--------------------------------------------------5USD

MIN KNIV "Av Aske" MC:
first demo from this Norwegian black metal band, raw chaotic atmosphere. Fossbrenna Creations------------------------------------------------5USD

MISANTHROPIC POETRY "Inhaling the Wind of the Burning Grim Dreams" MC:
Hailing from Russia, cold Black metal played in the old vein. Limited to 333 handnumbered copies. Pussy God Records--------------------------5USD

MISTRESS OF THE DEAD "Mistress of the Dead compilation" MC:
depressive funeral doom in the vein of Worship and some Disembowelment. Bubonic Doom--------------------------------------------------------5USD

MOLOCH "Blacker than Darkness" MC:
The first demo from this Ukrainian black metal act, and quickly gain recognition in the Ukrainian scene. Finally given a proper release after so many versions were put out. Raw black metal in the Slavic style, with programmed drums, and hateful cries. Hammer of Damnation------------5USD

MOLOCH/DRAUGLUIN “Under the Heathen Sun” MC:
Raw and cold Ukrainian black metal on both sides. Includes a Burzum cover, limited to 100 hand-numbered copies Xeroxed style. Winter Solace---------------------------------------------------------------------5USD

M8L8TH "By the Wing of Black" MC:
NS black metal from Russia with thier first full-length. It includes the rehearsal demo of 2003 as a bonus. Lost Reich Records---------------5USD


MOONCULT "Descend Upon Us" MC:
Black Metal hailing from Greece, limited to 150 copies, hand-numbered. Winter Solace-------------------------------------------------------5USD

Raw black metal from Greece, a reiisue of the debut demo, limited to 150. Winter Solace--------------------------------------------------5USD

MOONTOWER “Black Metal Terror” MC:
The reissued version of their controversial “Aryan Metal Terror” demo, comes with different cover/layout and includes two bonus tracks-one being a Bathory cover. Hammer of Damnation--------------------------5USD

MOONTOWER "Antichrist Supremacy Domain" MC:
Second full-length album by this Polish elite horde on pro cover tape. Krutoslav Productions-----------------------------------------------5USD

MOONTOWER "In the shadow of the wolf" MC:
originally released on total holocaust to 1000 units, now avalible on pro-cover mc.-------------------------------------------------------5USD

MOONTOWER "The Wolf's Hunger" MC:
Raw black metal from Poland. This classic Ep rereleased on tape. Hammer of Damnation--------------------------------------------------------5USD

MOONTOWER "Praise the Apocalypse" MC:
originally on total holocaust, now re-released with a different cover design/layout. Hammer of Damnation.---------------------------------5USD

MOONTOWER "Unholy Rehearsals 1996-2006" MC:
rehearsal material from 96'-06.' Hell is here-----------------------5USD

MOONTOWER "To the Dark Aeon" MC:
The latest EP by this legendary Polish black metal cult. A lot cleaner than the previous material, but still aggressive. Werewolf Promotions-----------------------------------------------------------------------5USD


MOONTOWER “Fourteen years of antichristian war against judeo-christian plague: Promo Reh. 10.05.2009“ MC:

Rehearsal promo tape of Poland’s long running black metal plague. Nice layout, limited to 88 copies. Werewolf Promotions-------------------5USD


MOONTOWER/BELETH “Bestial Holocaust” split MC:

Split release of Polish Black Metal cults, excellent release.  Werewolf Promotion----5USD

another superb release paring two elite Polish kvlts, both playing covers of Gorgoroth and Bathory-------------------------------------5USD

MORAVSKA ZIMA "National Moravian black metal" MC:
A compilation of first two demos on one tape, released with a bonus track. Black metal from the Czech Republic. Werewolf Promotions-----5USD

A split release of Czech Rep./Slovakian black metal, featuring members of Warmarch. Nice cardstock layout, Werewolf Promotions-------------5USD

MORDER "Fields of Devastation" MC:
Doomy death metal from Germany. Murder Records----------------------5USD


MORKR “Graves Forgot My Name” MC:

First full-length album after some demos, this Polish band offers slow/mid-paced depressive black metal with little ambient parts. Recommended! Werewolf Promotion----5USD


Atmospheric black metal from Italy with abstract themes. AMF--------5USD

MUSTA SIUNAUS "Edenistï Tuhoon" MC:
Edenistï Tuhoon offers raw and distorted evil black metal, with lyrics in Finnish. Prepare for bleeding ears, and your daily portion of the anti-Christian war. Wolfsvuur---------------------------------------5USD


MY INFINITE KINGDOM “Ecstasies over Dreaming Lady” MC:

The only ever release from this rare line-up featuring members of NORTH, this Polish band plays Darkened Black Metal cold, grim, and evil. For fans of Opthalamia, and old school Rotting Christ. Majestat Nocy Promotion----------------------------------------------5USD

MYSTES/DIAGON "Satanic Calamity" split MC:
Split release from Poland's satanic black metal scene and newcomer, Diagon from the Czech Republic. Limited to 300 copies, Strigoi Records----------------------------------------------------------------------5USD


NA RASPUTJE "Gde Zemlju Hranit Odejalo Snegov" MC:
Cold NSBM from Russia with members of the Armour Get Dawn circle. A compilation of demo material. AGD-----------------------------------5USD


NACHTKULT "Der Sieg Des Stolzen Blutes" MC:
Radikall Black Metal from Brazil, first full-length released on tape, limited to 300 copies. Winter Solace--------------------------------5USD


NACHT UND NEBEL "Totalenkrieg" MC:
Antisemitic black metal from Kanada, with Wannsee member. Totenkopf Propaganda----------------------------------------------------------5USD


NACHTVORST "Nacht der Stervende Zielen" MC:
Dutch black metal delivers its first demo consisting of 4 painful and christhating tracks performed in the old-school way and with the uttermost dedication. You will end your life, your soul sacrificed to
the flames. Wolfsvuur/Wulfrune Worxxx-------------------------------5USD

NARGAROTH "Herbstleyd" MC:
Pro-tape version of this German misanthropic black metal, no compromises possible!!! Old Legends Production----------------------------------6USD


NARGAROTH "Herbstleyd" MC:
"first" full length, German misanthropic black metal, reissued version by Night Birds Records with pro cover-------------------------------5USD


A compilation of unmixed tracks taken from promos and demos. Misanthropic black metal. OLP---------------------------------------6USD


A compilation of unmixed tracks taken from promos and demos. Night Birds Records-------------------------------------------------------------5USD


NARGAROTH "Black Metal Ist Krieg" MC:
Second full-length, a dedication monument for black metal with session members Occulta Mors, and Butcher. With cover songs. Night Birds Records-------------------------------------------------------------5USD


NARGAROTH "Geliebte des Regens" MC:
Third full-length, this time more slower paced depressive black metal, but good. Night Birds Records---------------------------------------5USD


NARGAROTH "Rasluka Part I" MC:
Released in 04' now finally on tape, first part of the 'Rasluka' trilogy. Night Birds Records----------------------------------------5USD


NARGAROTH "Rasluka Part II" MC:
Second part of the 'Rasluka" trilogy, continuing with its epic black metal. Night Birds Records------------------------------------------5USD


NARGAROTH "Rasluka Part II" MC:
Supposedly old recorded tracks which were introduced before Rasluka I even came decide for yourself...OLP-----------------------6USD

NARGAROTH "Prosatanica Shooting Angels" MC:
Fourth full-length, taking a different approach and exploring different topics. Shying away from the usual style, but still left its tracks. Night Birds Records-------------------------------------------------5USD


NARGAROTH "Semper Fidelis" MC:
Latest full-length, going back to its roots with session members Occulta Mors and L'hiver both performing drums. Night Birds Records---------5USD


NATTFOG "Demo 2008" MC:
Debut demo with members of Norns, Finnish NS black metal highly recommended. Wolfsvurr----------------------------------------------5USD


NEBELKORONA "Reminiszenzen an das Morgenrot/Relikte des Abendrotes" MC:
First full-length album from this German ambient act, with mastermind behind Vinterriket. Frostscald--------------------------------------5USD



Satanic Black Metal from Poland, their debut demo of 2011.  Werewolf Promotion------5USD


NENAVIST “Inhuman” MC:

Second full-length from this promising Russian cult. Cold, dissonant, droning black metal highly recommended. Egg of Nihilism-------------5USD


NEZHEGOL "Ot Serdca k Solncu" MC:
Pagan/Folk black metal from Russia. Thier first full-length and quality layout. Ancient Nation----------------------------------------------5USD


NHAAVAH "Kings of Czech Black Metal" MC:
Another Czech act featuring Maniac Butcher members. 1998 demo limited to 666 on mc, short demo. Pussy God Records----------------------------3USD

NITBERG "Nitsanger" MC:
Blazebirth, nothing more to say…------------------------------------5USD


NITBERG "Donner Wetter Donner Wyrd" MC:
A bit rawer then the last release. Still in its signature BBH style, nothing more to say. Frostscald-------------------------------------5USD


Split release by blazebirth elite on Frostscald---------------------5USD


NOCTURNAL "Unholycraft: Blood for Glory of Satan" MC:
Uncompromisible anti-christian black metal hailing from Poland, faster, heavier and raw as fuck. Satanic Propaganda Records-----------------5USD

Dry French suicidal black metal, with screams of despair. Winterriech-----------------------------------------------------------------------5USD 


Better effort on this second release. suicidal black metal, with painful screeches. Winterriech----------------------------------------------5USD


NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION "Soundtrack for Suicide" MC:
French slow depressive & black metal, to make you suicide yourselfs, heh... Winterriech--------------------------------------------------5USD



Depressive Black Metal from France, the only way they know how.  Fourth full-length on Night Birds Records----------------------------------------------------------------5USD


NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION "Nostalgia - Fragments of a Broken Past" MC:
First full length album after finding thier sound. Deeper, darker in a world of despair, with harsh vocals. Winterriech--------------------5USD

Thier classic 97' Full-length, with a thicker layer of keyboards creating a chilling atmosphere with the rawness of the guitars. Oriana----------------------------------------------------------------------5USD


NOKTURNAL MORTUM "Return of The Vampire Lord/Marble Moon" MC:
Thier two 97" EPs gathered on this mc, including bonus cover tracks from Death SS, Burzum, and Graveland. Oriana-----------------------------5USD


The 3nd full-length album with a more traditional instruments and limited use of keys, but still retains thier raw production, very impressive material here. 88 tracks, just over an hour. Oriana------5USD


NOKTURNAL MORTUM "The Taste of Victory" MC:
Thier 2004 Ep, somewhat of a preview before 4 releases will be unleashed (a fulllength, 2 splits and a compilation of old/unreleased tracks. Oriana--------------------------------------------------------------5USD


NOKTURNAL MORTUM "Weltanschauung" MC:
Thier forth full-length album, this time more Folkish than black metal, even a slower tempo than their past albums. The use of various wind instruments adds an interesting touch to it too. Oriana-------------5USD


first demo release by this radikal NS black metal band from Sweden. Ewiger Nebel Productions--------------------------------------------5USD

NORD 'N' COMMANDER "Sacred Spear Aftersounds" MC:
A stange combination of electronic folk/pagan black metal with members of Armour Get Dawn circle. Stellar Winter/Armour Get Dawn-----------5USD


NORNS "In Fog They Appear" MC:
A Fairly new act from Finland, in the vein of SW. Primative melancholic black metal to praise the goat, limited to 150 hand numbered copies. Wolfsvuur-----------------------------------------------------------5USD


NORTH “As My Kingdom Rises” MC:

Second demo released in 93, six songs of unholy Black Metal. Nothing more said! Majestat Nocy Promotion----------------------------------5USD


NORTH “Promo 94’” MC:

The promo that came out after the ‘As my Kingdom Rises” demo includes a Mayhem cover. Majestat Nocy Promotion-------------------------------5USD


NORTH "Korona" MC:
Latest album on tape. One of the longest running Polish black metal bands still holding firmly thier pagan beliefs and dedication to black metal. Pro cover/tape. Werewolf Promotions--------------------------5USD


NORTH/GROMOWLADNY "Lechia, Slawia, Aria" MC:
Split release, North offering three tracks and Gromowladny with 6 tracks to capture the essence of the four seasons. nice layout, highly recommended. Werewolf Promotions------------------------------------5USD


A split release of Norwegian/German dark ambient, second edition limited to 500 copies on Ravenheart-----------------------------------------5USD

NUCLEAR WINTER "Pain Slavery and Desertion " MC:
hateful black metal plague from the depths of Tasmania-Austrailia. In the similar vein as old Darkthrone and Judas Iscariot. Winterriech--5USD


Debut full-length, cold and depressive German BM for fans of early Burzum, highly-recommended! Tanhu-----------------------------------5USD


NYKTALGIA "Peisithanatos" MC:
Rarely does a sophomore album achieve the musical integrity of the debut. This is a continuance of thier brand of depressive black metal, recommended. Tanhu--------------------------------------------------5USD


OAK "Their Death...Our Freedom" MC:
Folk NSBM from the Netherlands, self released-----------------------5USD

ODAL "Einst verehrt von allen.../und auf Erden tobt die Schlacht..." MC:
a compilation of material from the sold out mini album, split Ep with Surturs Lohe. Frostscald--------------------------------------------5USD

ODAL "...wilde Kraft" MC:
Originall released by Christhunt, now on tape by Frostcald. If you dont know this band, you are listening to the wrong kind of music--------5USD

OHTAR "The Empire of White Power" MC:
re-release by this Polish horde, their first rehearsal demo in 97' that sounds totally rough-the way BM is suppose to be. and comes with a bonus track not on the original limited to 200 copies. Total War----------5USD

OHTAR "Human Fuel of Death" MC:
Polish horde demonstrating total war and hatred for humanity. Uncompromising black metal to fuel death itself. Limited to 200 hand-numbered copies. Total War-----------------5USD


OHTAR “When I Cut the Throat” MC:

First full-length album from this legendary NSBM, originally released on Supreme Art now reissued on Werewolf Promotion, limited to 500 hand numbered copies-----------------------------------------------------5USD


OHTAR “Petrified Breath of Hope” MC:

Second Full length album released on tape by Werewolf Promotion, limited to 500 hand numbered copies. ---------------------------------------5USD


OHTAR/DARK FURY “Necrohate/Auri Sacra Fames” split MC:

The last recordings done under the name OHTAR and the second split done with DARK FURY. Limited to 320 hand-numbered copies Werewolf Promotion-------------------------------5USD

a split release by two NSBM acts from Poland, on pro-cover. hammer of damnation-----------------------------------------------------------5USD



Atmospheric Black Metal from Belarus meets Depressive Black Metal from Russia. Rigorism Prod-----------------------------------------------5USD


OSKAL "Stahlkrieg" MC:
Imagine a under-produced blazebirth hall recording, this NSBM Russian act kills on this first assault. On Stellar Winter------------------5USD


PAGANBLUT "Ruf aus der Vergangenheit" MC:
NS Black metal project from Isar of Funeral Forest. A rerecorded version of the 2005 demo including two additional tracks new pro layout/cover limited to 300 copies. Thors Hammer Productions---------------------5USD


PAGANBLUT “Die Kunst Des Krieges - Live 12.09.2009” MC:

Recorded live at ‘28 days till Victory’ in Assenovgrad features 9 tracks

including an Absurd cover. Werewolf Promotion-----------------------5USD


PD SS TOTENKOPF "Northern Winds/Sny Wauka" MC:
Pagan Black Metal hailing from Belarus, includes demo material from 2002 and 2004. Limited to 300 hand numbered copies. Winter Solace--------5USD


PALE MIST “In the Valley Where the Mists Never Fades” MC:

Suicidal Black Metal from the United Kingdom, their third demo-3 tracks just under a half hour long. 200 copies Werewolf Promotion---------5USD

PARIA "VerminRace" MC:
Debut album from this German black metal band, features members from Lugubre and Ignis Uranium. Black metal in the oldschool vein. Tanhu-5USD

PANTHEON "Vargrstrike" MC:
Legendary NSBM from Vinland with their second full length, includes the 'Thangorodrim' 1998 demo as bonus tracks. Hammer of Damnation-------5USD



Live album featuring 7 songs with different cover art. Hammerbund-Kunstschmiede------5USD


PERTERRICREPUS "The Dark Age of the Carpathia" MC:
Slovakian Raw, cold, emotional and majestic Aryan black metal with ambient touches. Pro cover AMF--------------------------------------5USD

Misanthropic Bulgarian Black Metal, limited to 1000 copies, nice layout. Holokaustor Productions---------------------------------------------5USD

PERVERSE MONASTYR "Oh, holy mother-look below to the prayer of your servant (Promo 2008)" MC:
Radkial anti-christian BM from Bulgaria with one new track, one rehearsal recording and one track from their first live set. Winter Solace--------------------------------------------------------------5USD

PESTE NOIRE "Lorraine Rehearsal" MC:
The acclaimed EP which features 4 "rehearsal" tracks from August 2006 and an alternative version of "Phalenes Et Pestilence," Nightbirds--5USD


PESTE NOIRE “FolkFuckFolie” MC:

Second full-length album featuring new material and tracks that were re-worked from the ‘Lorraine Reh.’Limited to 300 copies. Nightbirds----5USD


PIORUN "Stajemy Jak Ojce" MC:
Folk ambient music from Poland featuring members of Wilk, Saltus. Werewolf Promotions-------------------------------------------------5USD

POGROM "Apocalyptic Rehearsal" MC:
NS Black metal from France a raw rehearsal atmosphere with Xaphan and Overlord Nasty Matatheos from Kristallnacht, Seigneur Voland. Forgotten Wisdom Productions--------------------------------------------------5USD

PUTER DEUS "From the Ashes of the Past" MC:
Debut demo from this Greek one-man black metal act. Teutonic Satan--5USD


RAGGRADARH "Rise The Pagan Forest" MC:
Compilation featuring the 'Rise The Pagan Forest' and Gibelta, Donesena Ot Krasta Cheren...' material. Winter Solace------------------------5USD

RAGGRADARH "The Banners of our Victory" MC:
finally a full-length after many demos, raw Pagan Black Metal from Bulgaria. Werewolf Promotions---------------------------------------5USD

RAGGRADARH "Towards the Eternal Night" MC:
Second full-length, more chaotic than the first. Highly recommended. Limited to 214 copies, nice layout/tape stickers. Croquemort--------5USD

The fourth effort by this Bulgarian black metal cult. In the same vein as the last full-length, raw lo-fi black metal limited to 100 copies. Werewolf Promotions-------------------------------------------------5USD

RAGGRADARH “Cold Foggy Hills” MC:

Latest effort following the same lo-fi signature this Bulgarian act has offered one long epic track. Limited to 200 copies. Winter Solace---5USD



Third full-length before returning to demo tapes, 3 tracks of Bulgarian Black Metal madness. Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies on Werewolf Promotion/Wolfrune Worxx--------------------------------------------5USD



The self-titled full-length album from this Bulgarian black metal storm, highly anticipated demos has led to this. Three tracks just under 50 minutes. 500 copies on Werewolf Promotion--------------------------5USD



Second full-length album after a long list of demos, impressive Black Metal from Bulgaria. Highly recommended, limited to 300 hand-numbered copies on Werewolf Promotion/Wolfrune Worxx-------------------------5USD



Split release of between Bulgarian madness and UK epic Black Metal both contributing new tracks. Limited to 320 hand-numbered copies. Werewolf Promotion/Legion Blotan--------5USD

RAVEN DARK "Verdandi" MC:
The 97'full-length from this Russian Elite, on Stellar Winter-------5USD

RAVEN DARK "Berustet av Kriegsdronnet" MC:
Second full-length album, raw dissonant Pagan black metal, BBH. Stellar Winter -------------------------------------------------------------5USD

RAVEN DARK "Autumn Roar" MC:
The 3rd full-length finally released on tape Originally recorded in 94' and planned for a 1996-1997 release on cassette but remained unreleased until 2006, now on tape. Frostscald---------------------------------5USD

Brazilian blackend death metal, 3 unreleased songs with Retaliador/ Hellhammer covers. Diabolous----------------------------------------5USD

Black metal from Greece, limited to 666 copies. Croquemort----------5USD


RODOVEST "Zdes' Russkaya Zemlya" MC:
Russian NS Pagan black metal with members of Armour Get Dawn circle, superb. Armour Get Dawn---------------------------------------------5USD


SABBAT "Demonslaught Quebecois" MC:
A Live recording in Montreal Canada, September 2005 performing 10 sabbatical tracks in an hour set. Pro-tape. Limited to 500 handnumbered copies. Harsh brutal Cold-------------------------------------------5USD

SAGN "Sur la colline" MC:
Superb Pagan Black Metal from France. Very Epic combining the use of flutes and acoustic guitars, limited to 300 hand numbered copies. Sabbath's Fire------------------------------------------------------5USD

SALTVIND "Eternal Whisper of Celestial North Chamber" MC:
Heathen Ambient from Russia features demo from 2007, EP from 2008, and bonus tracks exclusive to this release. Over 70 minutes, highly recommended. Werewolf Promotions------------------------------------5USD

SALTUS "Symbols of Forefathers/Inexploratus Saltus" MC:
A best of compilation that includes the "Inexploratus Saltus" demo from 97' and material from the split with Legacy of Blood. Werewolf Promotion/Hell is Here----------------------------------------------5USD

SALTUS "Imperium Slonca" MC:
Epic black metal from this well-known Polish Horde. Werewolf Promotion/Hell is Here----------------------------------------------5USD

SATANIC WARMASTER "Revelation...of the Night" MC:
A compilation featuring the 'Revelation' mlp and the '...of the Night" mlp material on one cassette. Pro tape, with a nice layout, limited to 500 copies. Tour de Garde-------------------------------------------5USD


SATANAEL “All For Satan” MC:

Debut demo from these Satanic Black Metallers spawned from the streets of Lappeenranta, featuring Werwolf of Satanic Warmaster. Self released and numbered--------------------------------------------------------5USD


First full length from this French Pagan Black Metal band.Infernal Kommando------------------------------------------------------------5USD

S.A.R "Southern Aryan Response" MC:
NS black metal/RAC from Brazil--------------------------------------5USD

SEGES FINDERE "Machine ov Jewicide" MC:
NS black metal from Brazil strikes again. short, simple, and full of hate. Teutonic Satan------------------------------------------------5USD

SEGES FINDERE/NUCLEAR THORN "Nulification Warmongery" MC:
Debut of Nuclear Thorn from Poland, with member of Mystes. both offering a couple tracks. Krieg Distro---------------------------------------5USD

SEGES FINDERE "Process ov Desratization" MC:
NSBM from Brazil, 5 tracks. Limited to 150 hand numbered copies. Winter Solace.-------------------------------------------------------------5USD

SELBSTMORD "Spectre of Hate" MC:
NS Black Metal from Poland, with members from Ohtar. Full-length of uncompromising terror against christianity. Old Legends Productions-5USD

SEPULCHRAL CRIES "Misery Exhibits" MC:
Devotion and Worship, Black Metal in its darkest form. Solo Project of Pest (Blodarv). Wolfsvuur-------------------------------------------5USD

A split of two Russian Elites, containing the "Sonnenkreuz" and the "Ledyanoe Plamya Gyperborei" recordings. Armour Get Dawn------------5USD



Debut release, misanthropic Black Metal from Germany with member of Nebelwald. 500 copies Hammerbund-----------------------------------5USD


SIRIN “Moja Otcina (My Fatherland)” MC:

Slovakian Pagan Black Metal first full-length release originally on Ancient Nation now on tape by Werewolf Promotion 320 copies---------5USD

SKOGEN "Wolfs Lair" MC:
Raw Polish black metal, originally released as a limited cdr demo in 2005, now on pro cover/tape limited to 150 handnumbered copies. Werewolf promotions----------------------------------------------------------5USD

SKOGEN/RAGGRADARH "United Ancient Hatred" split MC:
A split release Skogen with their 2005 demo and Raggradarh promo track of 2008. Great effort on both sides. Limited to 150 handnumbered copies. Werewolf Promotions-------------------------------------------------5USD


SKYFORGER "Latviesu Strelnieki (Latvian Rifleman)" MC:
Pagan/Folk black metal from Latvia. Their second full-length album. Fatal Ecstasy Productions-------------------------------------------5USD

Heathen Black Metal from Wroclaw, Debut demo with members of Flame of War. Werewolf Promotions--------------------------------------------5USD

Cold NS black metal from France with haunting keyboards, dissonant obscure atmosphere. Highly recommended! Nebelfee Klangwerke---------5USD

SOMBRE CHEMIN "Notre Heritage Ancestral" MC:
Dissonent cold Black Metal from France, their second full-lenth. Sabbath's Fire------------------------------------------------------5USD

SOMBRE CHEMIN/ORNAMENTS OF SIN "Durch Ruinen und düstere Kriegsfelder" Split MC:
Superb split release of two French NSBM hordes. Hammerbund----------5USD

SONS OF NORTH "The Death of White Race" MC:
Radikall NS black metal from this young Russian act. Thier third and final album; raging high-density Nordic-influenced Slavonic Black Metal rage. Schutzstaffel Records-----------------------------------------5USD

SORCERY "Dawn of a Coming Winter" MC:
Raw satanik black metal. No God Records.----------------------------5USD

SORGSVART "Fortapt Fra Verden I Vakkert Selvmord" MC:
Norwegian folk/black metal. Nightbirds------------------------------5USD

SORGSVART "Vikingtid Og Anarki" MC:
Norwegian folk/black metal. Nightbirds------------------------------5USD


SORT VOKTER “Folkloric Necro Metal” MC:

Folk Black Metal from the ILDJARN and NIDHOGG mastermind, their only 1996 full-length release.  Night Birds Records--------------------------------------------------------5USD

one of the more obscure bands to come from Denmark. This mc is a compilation of all tracks ever written by the band, suicidal black metal. Nothern Sky Productions--------------------------------------5USD

SPEAR OF LONGINUS "....and the Swastikalotus" MC:
black metal from Austrailia. was recorded at the same time as, and considered to be the twin album to, The Yoga of National Socialism. Forgotten Wisdom Productions----------------------------------------5USD

SPITEHOWLING "Born To Die For Evil" MC:
Impressive raw black metal from Russia with the help of Evilwinged member. Highly recommended.-----------------------------------------5USD

STURM "Ultra" MC:
Radikal black metal from Belarus with member from Pagan, limited to 500 handnumbered copies highly recommended. Possession Productions------5USD


STURM KOMMAND “Annhilation Kommand” MC:

Bulgarian NSBM, recorded live at the Inner Awakening Circle, limited to an undisclosed amount. Self released--------------------------------5USD


STUTTHOF "Devotion to Black Arts (1997-2005)" MC:
contains "And Cosmos From To Dust" and "Through The Dark Age We're Dreaming" demo on one tape. Night Birds Records --------------------5USD

STWORZ "Blask nad Wiecznymi Lasami" MC:
Pagan Black metal from Poland's brand new act. Thier first demo captures the essence of nature, and with such an ancient sound. Hammerbolt Productions ----------------------5USD


STWORZ “Po Czasu Kres” MC

Pagan black metal from Poland, debut full-length album limited to 500 copies. Werewolf Promotion/Teutonic Satan/Wulfrune Worxxx----------5USD


SUNWHEEL “Monuments of the Elder Earth” MC:

2004 EP release under the name ‘SUNWHEEL’ limited to 500 copies. Werewolf Promotion--------------------------------------------------5USD


SUHNOPFER "L'Aube Des Trepasses" MC:
Melodic black metal from France, return with four tracks in this EP. Grievantee ---------------------------------------------------------5USD

SVARGA "Yav' Vozdimaet" MC:
Melodic Pagan Black metal, with member of Kroda. A totally different version than the demo released in 2002. Rarog/Stellar Winter -------5USD


SVETOVID “Valhallan Dreams” MC:

Debut full-length album of Heathen Black Metal, the side-project of Lascowiec members, highly recommended. Limited to 320 copies on Werewolf Promotion----------------------5USD

SWAROST "Oblicze Kultu Cieni" MC:
Misanthropic black metal from Poland, 2nd demo with members of Slavland, Lugburz. Hail Satan 666---------------------------------------------5USD


SWASTYKA "Prophecies of Aryan Moon" MC:
NS Pagan Black Metal from Poland featuring members from Kataxu, Thunderbolt, Saltus. Their 2001 demo, before they changed their name to SUNWHEEL. Stellar Winter--------------------------------------------5USD


SZRON “Pure Slavonic Blasphemy + Cult of Death (Reh. 02’)” MC:

Polish anti-human Black Metal releases its’ 2002 compilation includes the ‘Pure Slavonic Blasphemy’ demo and ‘Cult of Death’ rehearsal. Limited to 333 copies on Werewolf Promotion-------------------------5USD


SZRON “Freezing Eyes of Hate” MC:

This is the third compilation release over an hours worth of songs taken from various splits. Limited to 333 hand-numbered copies on Werewolf Promotion/Hexencave------------------------------------------------5USD

TAAKE "Hordalands Doedskvad" MC:
Their third full-length The album features guest performances by Nattefrost, Nordavind & Taipan; completing the trilogy. Frostscald--5USD

TETRASKELION "Walking on Heathen Soil" MC:
Heathen Black Metal from Greece, with members of Draugluin and more atmopsheric. Nice glossy layout, limited to 300 copies. Sabbaths Fire-----------------------------------------------------------------------5USD

TEMNOJAR "Kriegersweg" MC:
Raw NS Pagan Black Metal from Russia with a cold atmosphere. They belong to the Armour Get Dawn circle in Russland. Amour Get Dawn-----------5USD

TEMNOZOR "Sorcery is Strengthening the Black Glory of Rus" MC:

NS Folk Black Metal from Rus. Featuring members of the BBH circle and guest musicians. Nice usage of wind instruments and acoustics. Stellar Winter-------------------------5USD

TEMNOZOR "Sorcery of Fragments" MC:
Including both "Sorcery is Strengthening the Black Glory of Russia" debut demo-album and "Fragments" mcd. Stellar Winter----------------5USD

TEMNOZOR "Horizons..." MC:
NS Folk Black Metal from Russia with well-known members of the BBH circle. A Lot more folkish than the last full-length, the use of wind instruments almost has like folk RAC to me. Stellar Winter----------5USD

TEMNOZOR "Folkstorm of the Azure Nights" MC:
Thier third full length, a lot better progression from thier "Horizons..." album, more of a folk epic atmopshere. highly recommended. Stellar Winter---------------------------5USD


TEMNOZOR “Twilights At the Winter Funeral” MC:

Live Album just over an hour of Folk Black Metal, limited to 500 copies and housed in a ‘slip’ cassette cover.  Werewolf Promotion-------------------------------------------5USD

TETH "Felebredunk/We Awake (2001 - 2006)" MC:
A compilation of demo recordings from 2001 to 2006, brilliant black metal executed by this Hungarian band. Hammer of Damnation----------5USD


TETRAKTYS “Voreion Sellas” MC:

Esoteric Ritual music performed by a member of The Shadow Order. The originality of TETRAKTYS is marked inside 52 minutes of negative feelings. A threnody for all things lost. Limited to 300 copies on Tanhu-------------------------------------------------5USD


THE ARRIVAL OF SATAN “Darkness Dealer” MC:

Satanik black metal from France their debut full-length, pure madness from start to finish. Limited to 300 copies Ars Funebris Records----5USD


THOR’S HAMMER “The Fate Worse Than Death” MC:

The TRUE THOR’S HAMMER from Wroclaw, their third full-length release.  NS Black Metal in your face, no compromises------------------------------------------------------------5USD

THOREOUS "Modern Prays from the Olden Babylon" MC:
Sci-Fi Torture Doom, Drone, Doom, Noise...weird stuff. Bubonic------5USD


THOTH "From the Abyss of Dungeons of Darkness" MC:

A new project from the depths of Wroclaw, featuring Darken, member of Dark Fury, and Selbstmord. Thier debut album, depressive black metal, very promising. Total War Prod.-------------------------------------5USD

THUNDERBOLT "The Sons of the Darkness" MC:
First full length, pure satanic black metal raping the holy trinity. Hammer of Damnation-------------------------------------------------5USD

THUNDERSTORM "Hatred Burning Northern Sky" MC:
Russian holocaust black metal. All that is played by Russian horde in the best traditions of the classic Norsk Arisk Black Metal. Frostcald ----------------------------------------------------------------------5USD

THY FUNERAL "Master of Rebellion" MC:
Hateful black metal from Hungary. Semi-glossy cover. Karpatia-------5USD

TODESKULT "Als die Farben alter wurden..." MC:
Depressive black metal from Germany. Nightbirds---------------------5USD

TOMB "Sacrilegium" MC:
Black noise...noise. Todestrieb Records-----------------------------5USD

TOTENBURG "Weltmacht Oder Niedergang" MC:
NS Black Metal from Germany, their first full-length album recorded in 1999. In the vein of Absurd, Der Sturmer. Beverina Productions------5USD

TOTENBURG "Mit uns das Blut" MC:
Thier forth full length, black metal in total worhip of Absurd. Donnerschlag Propaganda---------------------------------------------5USD


TOTENBURG “Art Und Kampf” MC:

The infamous 2005 EP featuring 5 songs. German NSBM released again onto tape. Hammerbund--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5USD



NSBM acts from Germany, nothing more said. Limited to 250 copies on Hammerbund Gemeinschaft---------------------------------------------5USD


TSJUDER “Throne of the Goat” MC:

The 97’ EP that started it all re-released on tape format. Antichristian black metal from Norway. Rampant Evil Records-----------------------5USD

TUMULUM "Descanso Eterno" MC:
Raw BM from this new act from Portugal. Formed by members of Inthyflesh, Skull Productions---------------------------------------------------5USD


TUNDRA “Ansia” MC:

Occult Black Metal from Italy, with contribution from Barbarud of the Maniac Butcher fame. Ravenheart-------------------------------------5USD

TURMOIL "Grandeur Lamentation" MC:
Raw BM from Austrailia, with memeber of Shadow Magus. Croquemort----5USD


ULFHETHNAR "Essence of Superiority" MC:
Hateful black metal from Argentina Southern Elite Circle, full-length more defined than the demo, but still a nice atmosphere. Winter Solace/Werewolf Promotions------------------------------------------5USD


UNCLEAN “Ten, Ktery se vyhyba svelte” MC:

Occult Black Metal from the Czech Republic their first full-length for fans of Master’s Hammer and Avenger. Features members which later went on to form Maniac Butcher, Agmen. Pussy God Records-----------------5USD


UNDERDARK “I Am Above All (Satanic Werhmacht Inquisition)” MC:

Ukrainian Black Metal, first full-length with member of Drudkh. Stuza prod.---------5USD

UNGERN "1 Litre of Blood" MC:
Raw black metal from the Ukraine, with member of Dub Buk. Stuza-----5USD

UNHOLY CRUCIFIX "Morbid Edifice" MC:
Unholy blackend death metal similar to VON, but even rawer.---------5USD

UNHOLY SCRIPTURE "Passion of the Antichrist" MC:
description to come-------------------------------------------------5USD

Misanthropic black metal from the states, a compilation of their full length and demo. Croquemort-----------------------------------------5USD

URUK-HAI "Barbarians (orcish battle hymns pt.II)" MC:
pagan ambient with battle atmosphere. Also including 5 unreleased bonus tracks. AMF Productions---------------------------------------------5USD


VARGLEIDE "Lish Prah, Okalinu I Vyzhenu Zemlu Ostavlya" MC:
Blazebirth hall similar to the vein of Forest, thats all you need to know-----------5USD


VEIL “Sombre” MC:

The highly anticipated first full-length album, after the impressive ‘Dolor’ demo. Over 40 minutes of depressive Black Metal at its best. Werewolf Promotion/Night Birds-----5USD

VEINEN "Black Hypnosis" MC:
Black metal with VON influences. Todestrieb Records-----------------5USD

VELES "Night on the Bare Mountain" MC:
Re-released on tape, the 95 full-length by this elite polish black metal cult. With session member Darken in this recording. Highly recommended! Night Birds Records-------------------------------------------------5USD

VELES "Black Hateful Metal" MC:
Second full-length with a raw production, cold black metal played with hatred. Night Birds Records-----------------------------------------5USD

NS Pagan Black Metal from Russia, features Ulv Gegner in their 7 track 2001 demo. Stellar Winter-------------------------------------------5USD

VELIMOR "Ancestry" MC:
The debut album, NS Pagan Black Metal from Russia with folk elements. Winter Solace-------------------------------------------------------5USD

VENEDAE "Venedae" MC:
Pagan black metal by one of the most respected names in the Polish scene. Thier 98' demo professionally released on tape. Old Legend Productions---------------------------------------------------------6USD

VENEDAE "Siedem Kamiennych Obliczï" MC:
Pagan Black Metal from Poland, one of the well-known bands with members of other strong projects. Their second full-length album, limited to 300 pro tapes/covers, highly recommended! Eastside----------------------5USD

VENEDAE "Dekada Slowianskiej Supremacji 1993-2003 " MC:
First track is new from promo 2002, the rest are old from years 1993-1999, but rearanged and recorded in 2003 with new vocalist Gotah (ex-Agalirept). The title means "Decade of Slavonic Supremacy". Hammer of Damnation-----------------------------------------------------------5USD

VENEDAE/ARCHANDRJA "Miecze Rujewira Ponad Falami Batryku" MC:
Some rare versions of old Venedae tracks including a Sodom and Stormwitch cover. Archandrja is in the similiar vein, pagan black metal. Limited to 200 handnumbered copies. Strigoi Records-----------------5USD

VEX "Demo I" MC:
Raw black metal from Belarus, includes a member from Perverse Monastyr, limited to 222.-----------------------------------------------------5USD

Italian Radikal Black Metal, reissue of tracks from 2005 on Xerox cover. Teutonic satan------------------------------------------------------5USD

VIA DOLOROSA "Forever Kaly Yuga" MC:
A compilation of tracks from a split, rehearsal, and demo. Italian NSBM, limited to 150 hand-numbered copies. Winter Solace------------------5USD


VIA DOLOROSA “Dreaming Vaikuntha” MC:

A collection of 20 various tracks. NSBM from Italy, limited to 200 hand numbered copies. Karpathia------------------------------------------5USD

'White Power Supremacist Strike' radikal black metal from Italy and Brazil. Krieg Distro------------------------------------------------5USD

4-way split by these NSBM bands, each contributing 2 tracks. Comes in a nice tape cover, limited to 88 copies. Croquemort-------------------5USD


VIENTO PATAGONICO "Para Illi Cum Vexillo Lupi" MC:

Compilation of tracks from various demos, raw Nationalistic Black Metal from Argentina. Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies Winter Solace---5USD


VIENTO PATAGONICO “Esperando Por Un Holocausto/Maldad” MC:

Black Metal from Argentina, forth demo stretching over 45mins in length. Limited to 150 hand-numbered copies. Winter Solace-----------------5USD

VIHA "From the Mist..." MC:
A new act from Finland, 5 tracks raw black metal with a rehearsal atmosphere. Drakkar Productions-------------------------------------5USD

VINTERNATT "In The Shades of Oblivion" MC:
A compilation of tracks from past demos. Misanthropic black metal from Slovenia. Thor's Hammer Producitons---------------------------------5USD

Split 2002 release with dark ambience of Vinterriket and black metal from Orodruin. Frostscald-------------------------------------------5USD

VINTERRIKET "Landschaften Ewiger Einsamkeit" MC:
Third full-length, Dark Ambient from Germany. Frostscald------------5USD

VINTERRIKET "Retrospektive" MC:
2006 compilation of tracks from splits and different versions of songs. Frostscald----------------------------------------------------------5USD

VINTERRIKET "...Durch Neblige Walder" MC:
Originally released as "... Gjennom Takete Skogen" demo in 2002, now reiissued on Frostscald---------------------------------------------5USD

VINTERRIKET "Finsternis" MC:
2002 compilation of tracks featuring various sold out 7" eps and splits. Frostscald----------------------------------------------------------5USD

VINTERRIKET "Winterschatten" MC:
2003 Full-length, with actual guitars and drums for once, still a lot of ambience though Frostscald------------------------------------------5USD

Third split (2005) with Norwiegan ambient project. Frostscald-------5USD

VINTERRIKET "Der letzte Winter - Der Ewigkeit entgegen" MC:
2005 Full-length, with another ambient black metal album. Winterriech-----------------------------------------------------------------------5USD

VINTERRIKET "Von Eiskristallen...und dem ewigen Chaos / Das Winterreich" MC:
2006 compilation of tracks from split Lps, Eps. Winterriech---------5USD

VINTERRIKET "Landschaften ewiger Einsamkeit/Stille" MC:
Yet another 2006 compilation of tracks. Winterriech-----------------5USD

VINTERRIKET "7-Zoll Kollektion 2002 '2006" MC:
2006 compilation of tracks from sold out 7" split Eps Winterriech---5USD

VINTERRIKET "...und die Nacht kam Schweren Schrittes" MC:
2002 first full-length album. Winterriech---------------------------5USD

VINTERRIKET "Winterschatten" MC:
2003 Full-length, with actual guitars and drums for once, still a lot of ambience though. Winterreich----------------------------------------5USD

VINTERRIKET "Landschaften Ewiger Einsamkeit" MC:
Third full-length, Dark Ambient from Germany. Winterreich-----------5USD

VOIDO QUONTUR "Wolves are Descending in Town" MC:
Atmopsheric epic black metal from Italy, a strong debut demo. Tour de Garde---------------------------------------------------------------5USD

VOLKERMORD/BURNING BLOOD "Death Cult of the Totenkopf" MC:
Split release raw agressive Black metal from the UK vs. US, a union of radical ideals. Croquemort------------------------------------------5USD

VOLTAIC OMEN "Electric Ritual" MC:
This tape is a compilation of two self-released and highly limited CDR demos, black metal. Croquemort--------------------------------------5USD

VORDR "Vordr" MC:
Black Metal from Finland played in the old vein with concepts of nature, misanthropy, and hatred. This release compiles 11 exclusive tracks which were recorded throughout their career. These are NOT the same tracks from the 2004 Cd compilation released by Autistiartili Records! Limited pressing. Northern Sky Productions-----------------------***avalible for wholesale/trade, contact for details***-----------------------------5USD

VRZTMUR "The Dark Psalm for the Black Legions" MC:
an underproduced band paying tribute to the LLN, totally rough sounding/ xeroxed cover. Northern Sky Productions-----------------------------5USD


Raw, dark and cold intense war black metal from Switzerland. Limited to 50 copies only. AMF-------------------------------------------------5USD


WANGELEN “El Camino Pagano” MC:

Pagan Black Metal from Chile featuring members of Lapsus Dei. After Many Funerals----5USD

WARCRY "Wotan Stands for Victory" MC:
Excellent BM from Catalonia reminicent to older Graveland and Command-----------------------------------------------------------------------5USD

NSBM from the Ukraine, includes a Ulterior Tyrant cover.------------5USD

WARWULF "Forgotten Dreams of a Lost Empire" MC:
The third demo by this US satanic black metal band, suprisingly rough sounding. recommended. Thor's Hammer Productions--------------------5USD

WELTBRAND "Radiance of a thousand suns-The apocalyptic triumph" MC:
First full length from this band from the Netherlands. Raging black metal with some industrial elements. Includes Funeral Winds and Fluisterwoud. Stuza-------------------------------------------------5USD


WEREWOLF “The Temple of Fullmoon” MC:

Debut full-length, great Pagan Black Metal from Poland with members of Iuvenes haunting keys and fierce vocals reminiscent to Graveland and Veles. Limited to 300 hand numbered copies. Werewolf Promotions-----5USD


WEREWOLF “The Order of Vril” MC:

Second and final full-length, great Polish Pagan Black Metal without compromise with member of Iuvenes. Limited to 350 hand-numbered copies on Werewolf Prommtion---------5USD

WEREWOLF/SEMPER FIDELIS "Fidelity of Ideology" MC:
Impressive release between two fairly new Polish acts, Werewolf involves members of Iuvenes playing Pagan black metal, and SF plays traditional black metal with members of Wilk and Archandjra. Pro cover/pro tape, limited to 200 hand numbered copies. Eastside/Werewolf Promotion----5USD

WEWELSBURG "The Anti-Architect" MC:
Industrial NSBM from Russia, their first full-length in 2003. Old Pride Recs./Gates to Valhalla---------------------------------------------5USD

WIGRID "Hoffnungstod" MC:
First full length, suicidal black metal from Germany, in the vein of Burzum. Night Birds Records-----------------------------------------5USD

WIGRID "Die Asche Eines Lebens" MC:
As if the debut album wasnt good enough, this 2nd full-length is crushing depressive black metal at its best. Night Birds Records----5USD

WILK "Hammer of Hate" MC:
Pagan Black Metal from Poland, a best of compliation including two mcds on one tape. Hell is Here-------------------------------------------5USD

WINDS OF HYPERBOREA "Gaze of the Abyss" MC:
Debut demo minimalistic aryan black metal from Poland. Limited to 100 copies, Werewolf Promotion------------------------------------------5USD


WINGS OF WAR “Battle Hymn” MC:

Raw satanic black metal from Poland with member of Moontower. Limited to 333 hand numbered copies on Werewolf Promotions---------------------5USD


WINGS OF WAR “Prepare for War” MC:

Polish Satanic Black/thrash Metal with member of Moontower, their 2009 EP limited to 300 on Werewolf Promotion-----------------------------5USD


WINTERFYLLETH “The Ghost of Heritage” MC:

Black Metal from the United Kingdom, first full-length which would later be re-released on Candlelight. Tape version on Night Birds---------5USD


WINTERDEMONS “The Darkest Storm” MC:

New Black Metal band hailing from Hellas, influenced by early Darkthrone.  Night Birds Records------------------------------------------------------------------------------5USD

WINTER BLASPHEMER/INFERNO "Blood Poisoned by the Glorious Evil" MC:
Split between Polish black metal, and Czech Rep. legendary black metal act; both offering two brand new tracks. Limited to 444 copies pro tape/cover. Hail Satan666-------------------------------------------5USD

WINTERGEWITTER "The Final Solution" MC:
Cold NS black metal from Germany in the vein of Eisenwinter. Flammendtod Prod/Beverina-------------------------------------------------------5USD


WINTERGEWITTER “Operation Wintergewitter” MC:

Cold Black Metal from Germany, their debut full-length.  Winter Solace---------------5USD

WODULF "Wargus Esto" MC:
NSBM from Greece, their first demo in the vein of Absurd. Includes members of Der Sturmer, Ravenbanner. Highly recommended. Totenkopf Propaganda----------------------------------------------------------5USD

WOLFHORD "Landscapes of Autumnal Sorrow" MC:
Pagan/Folk ambient project of EVIL mastermind. Reminds me of Perunwit, and Wojnar material. A rerelease of the 2004 demo with extra tracks. Old Pride Records-------------------------------------------------------5USD

WOLFNACHT "Morgendammerung Der Heiden" MC:
Radikal National Socialist Black Metal from Greece with member of Ravenbanner. Their fifth demo, with a rough production in the similar vein as their other demos. Avalon-----------------------------------5USD

NS Black Metal from Brazil with a raw production. Winter Solace-----5USD

WOODS OF DESOLATION "Towards the Depths" MC:
Raw depressive black metal from Australia, first full length after couple demos. Hammer of Damnation-----------------------------------5USD



A compilation of their demo all on one tape, including bonus tracks. Antichristian black metal hailing from Poland. Moon Records---------5USD


WOTANORDERN “From the Storm Come the Wolves” MC:

NS Black Metal from Vinland, first full-length with member of Tyranath Limited to 500 pro cover + tape stickers. Werewolf Promotions-------5USD


WOTANORDERN “Aryan Culture Preservation” MC:

Second full-length sounding more Pagan/folk and sometimes reminiscent of older Bathory material. Werewolf Promotions-------------------------5USD


WSCHOD/SIMERIS “Korzenie Zla” split MC:

Split release introducing two fairly new bands from the Polish Black Metal scene. A conceptual release dedicated to the Anti-Communist movement and the religious conflict in the eastern lands of Poland / Ukraina. Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies Strigoi/AND------------5USD


WSCHOD/HONOS AQUILAE “Foedus Aurae Libertatis” split MC:

Split release of French underground Black Metal cult vs. Polish Black Metal featuring member of Dark Fury-----------------------------------------------------------------5USD

WYRD "Heathen" MC:
First full-length by Narqath. contains an impressive 51 minute track in the pagan black metal style. WinterReich----------------------------5USD

WYRD "Huldrafolk" MC:
Second full-length 2002, raw fucking Finnish pagan black metal with bonus track. WinterReich--------------------------------------------5USD

WYRD "Wrath & Revenge" MC:
A compilation tape with demo, and promo songs, Finnish pagan black metal. WinterReich--------------------------------------------------5USD

WYRD "Vargtimmen pt. 1" MC:
Thier 2003 full-length, the first part of the two Vargtimmen albums. Includes a bonus track /WinterReich---------------------------------5USD

WYRD "Vargtimmen pt. 2" MC:
Thier forth full-length, the second part of the two Vargtimmen albums. Includes a bonus track on the tape version. WinterReich-------------5USD

WYRD "Rota" MC:
Thier fifth full-length, Includes a bonus reheasal track on the tape version. WinterReich------------------------------------------------5USD

WYRD "The Ghost Album" MC:
Thier full-length from 2006, Includes a bonus reheasal track on the tape version. WinterReich------------------------------------------------5USD


XASTHUR "Nocturnal Poisioning" MC:
depressive black metal from the US, First full length. comes with a different cover. nothing more to say. Northern Sky Productions------5USD

XASTHUR "Suicide in Dark Serenity" MC:
Originally released in 2003 on MLP, now on tape with pro-printed covers. Northern Sky Productions -------------------------------------------5USD


YMIR "Hrimpursar" MC:
Italian Pagan black metal with some ambience, a proper re-release limited to 100 hand-numbered copies. Winter Solace------------------5USD


ZCERNEBOH “Wilcza Noc Czarciej Przysiegi” MC:

Latest demo featuring rehearsal material from luperkalia 09’ and the decemeber full moon 08’ Polish Black Metal with members of Cryptal Spectres, Venedae, recommended. Limited to 280 Sabbath’s Fire-------5USD


ZONNEWIEL "Bloed en Bodem" MC:
Ambient music that are reminiscent to Hlidskjalf and Daudi Baldrs. Voor Een Nieuw Europa----------------------------------------------------5USD


ZWISCHEN DEN WELTEN “Schatten im Nebel” MC:

Deubt demo from the mastermind behind Flammentod, a different approach but still nicely done. Liimted to 190 copies Tanhu------------------5USD


V/A 5 Years of Unholy Fire / Sabbath's Fire Compilation MC:
An honourable double cassette tape with rare and exclusive tracks from Sombre Chemin,Vultyr, Arnstadt, Einherjar, Paganblut, Bilskirnir, Wyrd, Akitsa, Hunok, Naastrand, Vorkuta, Azaghal, and more. Limited to 500 handnumbered copies-------------------------------------------------8USD

V/A Black Horns of Bohemia: MC
Features tracks from Maniac Butcher, Enochian, Unclean, Isacaarum, Dark Storm, Sorath, and Avenger. Pussy God Records ----------------------5USD

V/A: "BulgAryan-Southern Radikal War Propaganda" 4-way split MC:
An NSBM compilation featuring Bulgaria's: 88, and Sturm Kommand, Brazil's Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle, and Uriburu from Argentina. A Total of 18 raw shit sounding black/war metal tracks just under an hour long. Highly recommended. Hammer of Damnation-----------------------5USD

V/A "Deep Horizons of Eternity" MC:
Tracks by LASCOWIEC, MARBLEBOG and VERZIVATAR. Nice effort by these bands, totally raw highly recommended. Hammer of Damnation----------5USD

V/A "Eesti Metali Enziklopoodia No.2" MC:
Compilation of Estonian folk, Pagan, Heathen influences. Guano Recs-5USD

V/A: EMBERS OF FAITH - Promo Compilation MC:
Compilation of tracks from Flammentod, Aryan Blood, Bilskirnir, Nordreich, Holocaustus, Eisenwinter, Satanic Warmaster and more.----3USD

Features GBK, Sombre Chemin, Vordr, Darkwoods Legion, Ad Hominem, and more. comes with an A5 booklet as usual with the series-------------5USD

After years of silence, Morbid returns with some exclusive, unmixed tracks from: Chemin De Haine, Sombre Chemin, Denial of God, Profane, GBK, Lord, Zemial, Merrimack, Beastcraft, Desolation Triumphalis, and many more. Comes with an A5 booklet with more info/interviews with the bands-----------------------------------------------------5USD


V/A: “To Praise Our Gods, To Conquer the World” Split MC:

A split MC featuring tracks from: FLAME OF WAR, GASSTURM, VIA DOLOROSA, RAGGRADARGH,and WOLFENSTANDANCE. Limted to 314 hand-numbered copies on Werewolf Promotion------------5USD

V/A THE NIGHT AND THE FOG II : "The Hammer of National Socialism” MC:
The second hammer of National Socialism strikes back with Woods of Fallen, Bilskirnir, Temnozor, Der Sturmer, Nokturnal Mortum, Pantheon, Absurd, Command, Holocaustus, Eisenwinter and more. A total of 15 bands. Am Ende Steht Der Sieg! Gates to Valhalla/Old Pride Records---------5USD

V/A: Stimmen aus der Tiefe MC:
Promo mc with unreleased/mixed songs from 22 bands including Nordreich, Legion of Sadism, Hunok, Bilskirnir, Heidenblut, Kroda, Darkestrah, Morrigan and more. SPR ---------------------------------------------5USD

NS compilation featuring Command, Darkthule, Nachtkult, Graveland, Der Sturmer, Nokturnal Mortum and more. Limited to 300. Blut und Kreig Records/Asaland Productions-----------------------------------------5USD

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